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Reaching Adi this Christmas
This is Adi and he is four-years-old. He lives with his family in a dark and sad apartment block in the city of Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Recently he has just learnt to speak after developing slowly, but one thing is for sure, despite his circumstances, he has always been able to smile.
The fact he is smiling is amazing considering his mother has abandoned him, his grandmother suffers from PTSD from the Bosnian War and most days he holds his father's hand and walks the streets of the city searching for scrap metal to sell.
As winter arrives in Bosnia, his families' suffering is stretched further as they desperately need firewood and basic food supplies to survive. Yet their biggest problem is the hopelessness that fills their home alongside the darkness as a result of never being able to afford to turn on the lights.
In this gloom - the little boy is their hope. 
Drazan Jarak, Mission Without Borders coordinator in Mostar, says: "The long term hope for Adi is that he will get a better education than his father and that the situation in our country will improve and more jobs will become available. In the short term it is so important that he starts school. Christmas is also a time of year where we try to give hope to this family and more like it across the country."
Adi's joy is precious and fragile. This Christmas you can give him and his family the gift of hope through Operation Christmas Love (OCL).
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