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Summer Camp

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Not just a holiday, a life-changing experience

Artem's story

Children in boarding schools in Ukraine live a life of routine and rules in a small and often enclosed world. They have very few belongings, very little knowledge of the outside world, and they learn to rely on themselves as visits from their family become less and less.

Artem's voice trembles a little as he shares the memories he has of his grandparents, but he never mentions his parents.

"My grandmother made tasty meals and my grandfather taught me to fish," he says, "but when I went to the school, things changed."

As a young child, Artem's parents sent him to a boarding school because he was unable to follow any rules or directions and he could never stay still. Once in the school, visits from his family became less and less frequent and one day he heard that his grandfather had passed away. He felt lonely, lost, he withdrew in to himself, but also became more badly behaved.

"If I could ask God for one thing," he says, "it would be to bring my grandfather back."

Soon he will be 14-years-old, and this summer he will go to Mission Without Borders Summer Camp.
"It will be my fourth time there", he says proudly and enthusiastically sitting in the school yard, "I know everything that happens."

At Summer Camp, Artem feels valued and accepted and receives love, attention and patience from MWB staff and volunteers. When he returns home after camp, he just wants to go back again.

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