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Communitiestitle Bible readings inspire disabled

Despite massive disabilities, Boyka finds new skills and joy at MWB's disabled club in Bulgaria.

Boyka VolunteeringBoyka and her husband are both disabled. They only had each other until Boyka joined the disabled club at MWB's local church Community Centre. Since then she has gone on a computer course and helped pack Operation Christmas Love boxes, while both have been welcomed by their new friends at the club.

At 61 years old, Boyka is severely disabled. She has heart problems, degeneration of her spinal discs and arthritis in her legs. Her husband, who is 63, is almost completely deaf. Boyka joined the disabled club when MWB's Community Centre first gave Bible classes. Boyka has since been on a computer course and helped pack Operation Christmas Love boxes.

Club leaders were different

 "I met Sarkis and Marina [MWB's Disabled Club leaders] when they came to the club about four years ago. They seemed different at first, always smiling and polite and then I gradually realised what made the great difference in their lives. Their patience, love and gentleness were evidence of the fact that they were God's children."

A joy to hear the Bible

"Even though I am in my sixties, I have never heard anyone in my entire life speak to me about God, or read and explain the Bible the way Sarkis does. I enjoy listening to him, because he speaks as one who knows God personally. I can now say I believe in God and that He dwells in my heart. I'm so encouraged in my faith that the Lord is always with me. It took me a while to believe that God could do miracles, but now, after my last operation, I do."

New hope

"I've suffered a lot of health problems and five operations. The last one was different, though. I had a tumour on my eyelid. The doctor was reluctant to risk an operation, but I was firm in my conviction the Lord was with me and that He would work for the best for me. The operation was successful and I am doing well now.

"My husband and I continue living our modest lives and are still struggling to cover our needs, but we are inspired by our joy and hope that comes from knowing that the Lord cares for us. I am grateful to the Lord for sending Sarkis and Marina to us so we could have the chance to hear His Word."