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Communitiestitle Operation Winter Rescue

Help a family in need stay warm this winter.

Moldova is already facing a third month of dry and frosty days. The weather can worsen the situation of people in need. Because of the sudden change in temperature, the need for resources is double. Mission Without Borders, through the OWR project, provides a solution for many families in need. For many of them, the amount they would need to spend on new and appropriate winter clothing or shoes can feed their families for a long period of time, forcing them to choose. This is the situation for the Vartic family (#101155) from Hirtopul Mare village in the Criuleni district. It is situated 20km from Chisinau city. The Vartic parents, Raisa and Nicolai, put all their efforts into supporting their six children; Elena, Andrei, Igor, David, Iosif and Ana. However, they still struggle to offer their children the most necessary items, especially during the cold winter.


Instead of enjoying a happy childhood, the children of the Vartic family endure a lot of hardships. They can't even remember the last time they had new clothes to wear. However, as poor as they are, they don't lose hope and they understand the situation they are in without being critical of their parents. Elena graduated from school and now is studying at a college in Chisinau to be a dressmaker. Andrei will graduate from school this year and wants to continue his studies, but needs to pay for them. So, he is looking to find somewhere to work this summer in order to earn some money for his studies.  


The father stays in Chisinau from Monday to Friday and works cutting stone and faience. He rents a caravan for these days of the week. The family lived in a very old house where it was difficult to face the winter. This summer, the father borrowed 17.000 lei ($1478) from his boss in order to improve the living conditions in their house, which has two small rooms, because he was aware that winter would come soon and was worried about his family's health. The family managed to gather some branches to use as firewood, but they were afraid it wouldn't be enough to heat their house during the winter. The family lives in deep poverty, but in spite of all their needs, they are courageous and grateful for what they have. "No matter how great life's hardships can be, we always trust in God. Only He can make us courageous and strong," confessed Nicolai, the father of the family. The money that the father is paid for his work is barely enough to cover their expenditure on food and bills. 

In addition to the need for winter clothes and shoes, the family has many other difficulties. They do not have a table to eat at, no chairs to sit on and no regular, comfortable beds to rest their tired bodies. The children stay inside the house and usually dress in thick clothing, because the wood they collect is not enough to heat their stove effectively. The eldest sister, Elena, and her brother, Andrei, take care of their younger brothers and sister. When they are inside the house, they sit on their metal beds, because the floor is very cold. They have managed to arrange some cardboard close to the beds which serves as a carpet. Lacking a normal table, the children write or draw as best they can; on the bed or resting on their arms. The children do not have toys like other children. The toys they play with are the goats and hens the family rear close to their home.


This year, the family felt God's abundant blessings over them through the help offered by Mission Without Borders. As a result of the Operation Winter Rescue project, every member of the Vartic family expressed that they couldn't believe it was real and wondered if they were dreaming. They wore the same shoes and clothes for everything; to do various household chores and for going to school or going out. It was the same with the boys' trainers, which were for both the cold and warm seasons. "I never thought that there would be a day when I would have the chance to buy the necessary items for the winter season for all the members of my family. I would never have been able to offer them both winter coats and shoes at the same time. I always had this dream and now I see how wonderful God's plans and ways are, even though we don't know them. Now, we will have something to wear when we go out of the house," said Raisa, expressing her feelings about receiving the amazing gift of new coats and shoes for every child in the family, as well as for her husband and herself.


The day when the family was visited by Mission Without Border's staff was a special one for the family. It was Andrei's birthday. He was also wearing worn-out shoes and clothing. "It is the greatest surprise and gift I have ever received in my life on my birthday. The coat is the one I always dreamt about and the shoes are warmer than the ones I was using. I am grateful to God and to warm-hearted people for this amazing help and gift," expressed Andrei, enthusiastically.


"I never thought that I would have the opportunity to wear such a nice winter coat. It is just what I wanted. I remember there were days when I used to go to school in broken and damaged shoes and I always tried to hide them under the desk, because I was ashamed and afraid of being seen by my classmates. I think I am the happiest girl in the world now. You know, I don't have many dreams for my life, but the dream of having a new winter coat and a pair of shoes finally came true. That it is why I want to say you a big 'thank you' to you for contributing to accomplishing my dream," said Elena in gratitude for the items she received and recalling some of her less pleasant experiences.


Taking care of people in need is the most humble and sensitive thing we can do in order to show that we are human beings and that we are able to offer a helping hand when needed. The reward is seeing the joy of these needy people, which gives us a peace which will last for a long, long time.