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"Reaching people for Christ: helping thousands of children, families and communities out of poverty into a sustainable future"

Communitiestitle Street Mercy

Homeless met with mercy and food

Emil Savov CroppedAs life spiralled downwards with a broken family, drugs and sickness, Emil ended up alone on the streets - until he was accepted, and fed, by MWB's Street Mercy team.

Emil was once a hard working and productive member of society. He had a wife and looked forward to having a family. But after the death of his first child, a distraught Emil turned to drugs, and his marriage fell apart. He admits, "life took a bad turn for me. I lost touch with most of my acquaintances while caring for my father. Good contacts would have probably secured a job for me, but I only have one friend now, who sheltered me out of pity."  After Emil's father became ill and bedridden, Emil cared for him until he died. Then Emil himself became sick. As his life spiralled downwards he lost friends and family and eventually his half-sister kicked him out. Now, just 40 years old, Emil is sick and homeless.

Receiving care on the streets

About where he's living, Emil says "on the street, life is a matter of survival and we rarely think about our health." But he's now regularly queuing up for MWB's servings of hot soup. He calls it "like a remedy for the stomach. I enjoy the soup you provide for us."

Through Street Mercy, Emil has made new friends; "I met decent people here. I joined the church and people accepted me. I am used to being the black sheep, but here I'm treated differently. I've felt no judgment or rejection and people accept me just the way I am. They really listen to what I have to tell them and are always patient and kind. It is evident you are doing this out of love."

Street Mercy in Bulgaria and Romania

Working with partner churches across Bulgaria and Romania, MWB Street Mercy teams are serving hot soup and bread to anyone in need. A pastor from one of MWB's partner churches tells us, "on the street, you'll find shocking stories of ordinary men and women who have lost their jobs or been cheated out of their homes by relatives. Some have illnesses which stop them from working, while others are caught in the poverty trap: They struggle to pull themselves up from the bottom of society. Many have given up trying."

MWB meets those in need just where they are. In just the first three months of 2012, we gave out 9,260 meals to homeless people in Bulgaria, most of whom shelter during the freezing temperatures in abandoned buildings or under cardboard.

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