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Familiestitle The Darii family

How sponsorship set the Dariis free from poverty

P1010832Two years ago the Darii family struggled to make ends meet. Desperately needing a helping hand, MWB's family sponsorship supported them to self-sufficiency.

Jobs are hard to come by in Moldova so Ion and Ira found work where they could, picking nuts and doing other manual jobs. But their home was falling down. And the whole family had medical problems - made worse by poor living conditions.

Sponsorship changes the family's fortunes

On joining MWB's sponsorship scheme the Dariis received material aid, as well as emotional and spiritual support. This meant that during the difficult times, MWB helped family members with counselling, encouragement and Bibles to grow their faith. In 2010 the Darii's sponsors bought the family some carpentry tools. This set them on the next step to self-sufficiency.

With his new tools, Ion found work locally. He also fixed his home, repairing the rotten windows and a broken roof.

The Dariis are now growing their own vegetables in a little garden behind their repaired home. And they have plans for the future - to have a 'mini-farm'. In 2011, when their sponsors visited, "The family greeted us like old friends. We saw that our sponsorship over two years had enabled them to emerge from the poverty trap."

Today, because of their sponsors, the Dariis can now support themselves. When leaving MWB's sponsorship scheme, they wrote "Thank you for being close to our family and helping us to make steps towards self-sufficiency."