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Mother Care

When Najada and her husband found out she was expecting their third child, they wondered how they would cope. 'Being pregnant brought me no joy,' she says. 'We became stressed and worried how we would pay for everything.' That is, until MWB offered them support.
When baby Anxhela actually arrived, her parents knew it would not be easy. 'We have a new child now, which means one more mouth to feed.  I can't afford to feed and clothe her, but we brought her into the world so we know we must provide for her.'

Help for Anxhela came in the form of a Mother Care parcel: 'We were visited by MWB staff who brought us hope with their love, support and advice. They helped us through our fears concerning our new baby. The Mother Care parcel was an unexpected surprise and it has really cheered us up. It contained nappies, baby oil, powder, milk, everything she needs.'

'I am very touched by your support providing my baby with the items she needs. Thank you for your kindness. It is very difficult for me and almost unthinkable to be able to buy such precious gifts for my child,' said Najada, with a big smile on her face.

Why Mother Care parcels?

MWB's Mother Care parcels are vital for mothers giving birth in the countries where we work. While hospital services are free, drugs and equipment are not. So when mothers leave hospital with their new babies, they also leave with a huge bill. Mission Without Borders provides pre- and post-natal care parcels containing clamp, medicines, syringes, glucose, nappies, powder and milk.

In 2011, we gave 953 new mums a Mother Care parcel, helping to give their babies the best possible start in life.

Each Mother Care parcel costs just R250. Could you give a mother everything she needs for safe delivery and care for her new baby?