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Getinvolvedtitle Why not get involved in a Special Project

Here are just two of the many Special Projects you could get involved in:

Project one: Special Care Children's Home 233 - 1 Moldova Ref. # MD 104824

Need - Most of the children in this institution suffer from chronic diseases and psychological problems which require special care and exercises. One of the required actions is to establish a specially equipped playroom, where the children could spend time training and exercising. This project will provide for some of the equipment needed for such a playroom and will contribute substantially to the children's welfare.

Cost: USD 4990


Project two: Orhei Children's Home in Moldova

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"Urgently needed ...

12 new windows to be supplied and installed at the Orhei Children's Home in Moldova at the cost of $4140.00 (USD).

Because of the condition of the existing windows, the children are not able to keep warm at night, especially with recent temperatures during this exceptionally cold northern winter going down to minus 16 Celsius."

 If you would like to get involved in one of these projects, or want to find out what other projects you could support, please contact Ron Lindeman at rlindeman@mwbi.org

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