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Christmas Gift Campaign 2018

12 October 2018

It's Christmas Gift Campaign time again...

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Etienne Labuschagne Art Silent Auction

05 September 2018

Well known and gifted artist, Etienne Labuschagne has donated works of art to MWB. A Silent Auction will be hosted by MWB. The proceeds will be used for the furtherance of the ministry of MWB...

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Summer Camp impact in Bosnia-Herzegovina

17 May 2018

Noa's story The sun beamed down in perfection on Bosnia-Herzegovina as Noa boarded the bus to take him and 100 other children to the coast for Summer Camp. For many this was the first time that they would ever see the sea. Despite the perfect weather, many children across the country struggl...

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Summer Camp follow-up event brings joy in Mostar

10 May 2018

Summer Camp follow-up event brings joy in Mostar Summer Camp is such a glorious time that waiting a whole year for the next one can be hard-going. But children and teens in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, were blessed to have a little taste of Summer Camp half way through the year when a follow...

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After the fire – a thank you from Romania

04 April 2018

After the fire - a thank you from Romania Families whose building was destroyed in a devastating fire last October in Victoria, Romania, have received support from Mission Without Borders (MWB) to rebuild and refurnish their homes. Thanks to donations from our supporters, MWB was able to p...

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Building a church in an atheist city: Pastor Timotei’s story

13 March 2018

"Keep your head up, keep your head up", Pastor Timotei can be heard saying to a child in need of encouragement at the After School project. "I know what it is like to suffer as a child," he says," to have nothing, to experience grief, confusion, poverty and heartache. I know what it is like...

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Suddenly the house became empty

13 February 2018

"The last year was very difficult. Suddenly the house became empty without mum...

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Hope delivered to Eastern Europe this Christmas

31 January 2018

Thank you to all our donors who helped make this possible. We thank God for each one of you...

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Mirela’s story: a Different life

01 January 2018

A young mother saw her beautiful family life destroyed by her husband's gambling - and she and her three girls were left living in desperate poverty...

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God changed my heart

19 December 2017

Three-year-old Gyula has asthma and is admitted to hospital almost every month. Where the little girl lives with her parents, the weather is very harsh, and her mother says it is the reason for her illness...

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Beneficiary gives back during OCL packing

04 December 2017

Operation Christmas Love is underway in Bosnia-Herzegovina, with hard-working volunteers packing up boxes of food to distribute to families living in poverty. One volunteer is Nebojsa Gambelic, who wants to express his gratitude for the way he has been helped by Mission Without Borders (MWB...

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Going the extra mile on the streets of Sofia - Georgi’s story

20 November 2017

Georgi Pavlov is another man who desperately needed Street Mercy's help when one bitterly cold day two years ago, his legs froze. One of them was saved but the toes from one of his feet had to be amputated. Anna helped him prepare documents for obtaining a pension on the grounds of his disabilit...

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Going the extra mile on the streets of Sofia

16 November 2017

The homeless people living on the streets of Sofia, Bulgaria's capital city, are just as invisible here as they are anywhere. Outsiders, they are unable to participate in those things that make up an ordinary life: keeping clean and warm, accessing healthcare, finding employment and going home t...

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OCL 2017

01 November 2017

Please watch our OCL video here...

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Etienne Labuschagne Art Silent Auction

19 October 2017

Well known and gifted artist, Etienne Labuschagne has donated works of art to MWB. A Silent Auction will be hosted by MWB at the Tram Village Lodge and Conference Centre, Brooklyn, Pretoria. The proceeds will be used for the furtherance of the ministry of MWB in the following field countries: Al...

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“Jesus will never leave me”: Ilie’s Story

12 October 2017

A boy who was left in an orphanage has since been welcomed into God's family - encountering the love of a God who will never leave him nor forsake him...

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Supporting Nataliya in the Chernobyl contaminated zone

21 September 2017

Approaching the Boyko family home in Western Ukraine at first you are surrounded by a peaceful woody landscape and the smell of pure pine trees. You would not think to look at it, but this landscape exists in the contaminated zone of the world's worst nuclear disaster, which took place 31 years...

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Christmas Gift Campaign 2017

11 September 2017

It's time for our Christmas Gift Campaign again. If you are interested in getting involved please contact Tanja or Lourika at 012 - 3451467 or email Tanja at tpretorius@mwbi.org or Lourika at lvaswegen@mwbi.org...

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Supporting a broken family: Darius’ story

01 September 2017

Darius and his broken family live in a community of huts in the poorest part of a forgotten city in Romania. Tonight, as storm clouds gather, he stands behind his little brothers as they look out of the window of their home. Rain begins to fall hard and one by one leaks appear in the roof of the...

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I am a fighter: Andreea’s story

25 August 2017

Before Andreea and her family began working in the greenhouse, her life was in disarray. "I was 17," she says. "I gave birth and a month later the father of my child was in prison. For nearly four years I worked in the fields picking blueberries, not just to feed my son, but also for the bus...

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