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I am a fighter: Andreea’s story



Before Andreea and her family began working in the greenhouse, her life was in disarray.

"I was 17," she says. "I gave birth and a month later the father of my child was in prison. For nearly four years I worked in the fields picking blueberries, not just to feed my son, but also for the bus fare to go to the prison 70km away. I was determined that one day my family would be together again."


Sent to jail

Andreea lives in the poorest community in a forgotten town in central Romania. Here, 80% of the population live below the poverty line and life is a desperate struggle every day. The father of Andreea's first child, Laurentia, unemployed and with a new born child to feed, took part in a robbery, but was caught and sent to jail.

"I was left alone and I had nothing," Andreea says, opening up as she tries fruitlessly to hold back the tears. "Everybody told me to leave him, but I would not. I took my son to the prison, but then as he got older he began to understand the situation and I did not want him to see his father there. Since he was released, everything started to change."


The only people to give me a chance 

In a town where only 1,000 residents out of 7,000 are employed, it is hard enough to get a job for anybody, let alone an ex-convict, so despite being free life was now even harder than before for the family.

In this community, Mission Without Borders (MWB) works in partnership with the local church supporting the most vulnerable in this town. In the past year, with your help, the church has launched a greenhouse project which provides 10 struggling families with a plot of land to develop so that they can learn new skills and provide for themselves. On top of this, what they grow is also used to feed 35 children at the After School project run from the church. Andreea and Laurentia were the first couple to be enrolled on the greenhouse project.

"You are the only people to have given me a chance," the father says. "It felt good to be trusted. It means a lot to me as I have had so much rejection, but you have accepted me and my past."

I am a fighter, I had to fight

Today, you will find Andreea and her small son walking home from the greenhouse with a bag of fresh vegetables from their plot of land. Despite the poverty surrounding the one roomed hut which the family live in, as you step into their home and Andreea begins preparing a meal, there is a positive feel of love and the place is clean and in immaculate order.  


"The past few years have been a big trial for us as a family," she says, "but our love became stronger through struggle. I am a fighter, I had to fight. All I want for the future is for us to stay together and for my children to have more chances than us. We are struggling to make a better life for them, but this is helping us.

"The mentality of hopelessness is our biggest obstacle here," Pastor Timotei says. "Every family in a difficult situation believes that the solution is to leave and go elsewhere. There are no guarantees that they will find a better life away from here. We encourage parents to pull themselves together and to work hard now to change their situation and to find hope. This project provides them with the start and opportunity they need."


By supporting a family in need in this community, you can increase their life chances and help them journey towards a sustainable future. Without your support, the cycle of poverty in this community will simply continue in to the next generation.

A monthly gift of R210 can begin to change their world.