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God changed my heart



Three-year-old Gyula has asthma and is admitted to hospital almost every month. Where the little girl lives with her parents, the weather is very harsh, and her mother says it is the reason for her illness.

Gyulsherin said, "It is very windy in autumn and snows heavily in winter. It is not possible to warm up the room and it is very damp."

"Gyula's frequent illnesses are a great burden for her parents. It affects them not only financially as they have to buy expensive medicines - but also emotionally," said Ventsislav Bozhikov, the Mission Without Borders (MWB) coordinator in Dabnitsa, the small village in Bulgaria where they live.


The family home at the very top of Dabnitsa is shabby and unstable, and they occupy one room of 10 square metres. Inside there is only space for two beds, a fridge, a small table, a stove and two old battered cupboards. The roof is made of trimmer joists covered with nylon and roof cover, and the toilet is outside and shared by 12 people. Also, the family do not have running water. There is one water tap at the foot of the hill, a 15-minute walk away.

Gyulsherin said, "In one walk to the water tap, I bring home 20 litres of water in two big plastic bottles. And I need to go at least five or six times in one day. I have to leave my daughter with some of the neighbours. And when there is no one to take care of her, then I take her with me."

"There is no road to the water tap, only a narrow stony path," said Ventsislav. "The path gets muddy after rain and slippery in winter when it freezes. There is real danger of falling down and breaking a leg."

But Gyulsherin has no choice - in good and bad weather she walks this path several times a day to bring the necessary water for her household.

The family, enrolled on our sponsorship scheme, receive support from MWB to lessen the load of their daily struggles. Ventsislav said, "The family received a double bed with a chest, and roof cover. When the baby was born, we gave them a baby cot and a baby stroller. Recently they got a cabinet with drawers. And we also help them by offering clothes and shoes for the whole family."


Gyulsherin said, "The aid the Mission gives us means a lot to us. It makes our difficult life a bit easier.

"And the love I feel through these donations warms our hearts. This love brought a great change in me. Before I was nervous and used to quarrel with people; now I am calm and kind, for which I thank the Lord.

"I was a very ungrateful person who didn't like to share the things I had. But God changed my heart. Now I am grateful to Him for everything I get. And I gladly share what I have with other people. MWB freely gives me the items necessary for our daily life, and in the same way I gladly give to those who are in need.

"And I don't worry, as I know that God will provide for my needs."

Gifts such as these not only provide for the specific needs of the families enrolled in the MWB's family sponsorship programme, but also reveal God's love and care for them. We want to show many more families that there is a God who loves and provides for them, and from there, help families out of poverty into self-sufficiency.