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Arguing over who gets to pray - giving children a chance in Romania



Before Sebbie began attending After School, he was noisy, constantly fighting, and he did not know how to read or write. When his teacher would move past him quickly, he would flinch, as he is so used to being beaten and hit at home.

"I did not know how I was going to deal with him," Dorina, his teacher, says. "There were many signs that he was experiencing trauma, so I knew I had to pray for him. While praying, I realised that he was the one I had to fight for. Romanian society gives up so easily on boys like Sebbie, but I decided that I would work harder for him."


Today, as a result of your support, Sebbie is attending this project at the local church with 20 other children from the poor and deprived local village. If this provision was not here these children would not go to school and they would be trapped in poverty without any hope of being able to realise their potential or talents. The project was launched after Dorina, who was teaching children in the city, agreed to take up this challenge.


"I wanted to teach and help children who are really struggling," she says, "and that is seen most in the rural areas of Romania where there is so little access to education. I love each of them, and seeing their progress, even if it is only a little, brings me great joy."

When each child arrives, they line up, wash their hands and then sit at their desks. They then pray, sing songs, have lessons on reading, writing and maths and then have the only nutritious hot food that they will have in a day. After this they clean their desks and go out in to the church grounds to play football, skip and do cartwheels. As part of the project they also receive school materials, such as a backpack, which gives them the dignity and confidence to keep going to school.

"They are not encouraged by their parents at home," Dorina says, "so having them here for a few hours is very precious. Their self-esteem can be very low, but some do have potential.


"Sometimes I say: 'who wants to clean the tables' or 'who wants to pray', and they are so eager and enthusiastic that they fight and argue over who gets to do it. But I then teach them songs about the love of God and they slowly begin to know more peace with one another.

"Another special part of this project is celebrating their birthdays with them. They receive a cake, a present and love and attention which they have never had before."

There are too many children struggling to get an education in rural Romania. Only your monthly gift can help us reach them and give them a chance in life which otherwise they would not have.

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