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“Jesus will never leave me”: Ilie’s Story



A boy who was left in an orphanage has since been welcomed into God's family - encountering the love of a God who will never leave him nor forsake him.

Ilie found himself in a bleak orphanage at the age of three when he was abandoned by his parents, who were battling alcoholism and poverty. Ilie said, "I felt lonely there, as nobody cared for me. The teachers there didn't show us love and affection."


Over 100 children are abandoned in Moldova every year, according to the National Investigation Inspectorate, and as they grow up without parents to love and protect them, they are vulnerable and often without hope for their future. When Ilie was 11, he ran away from the orphanage and was hit by a car when crossing a road in Chisinau. A lawyer found him, brought him to hospital and was able to reunite Ilie with his aunt and cousins. "My aunt takes care of me always. She is loving and helps me whenever I need," said Ilie joyfully. "I am not helpless anymore as I was before"

As well as being welcomed into his aunt's family, it wasn't long before Ilie discovered the love that God had for him as his heavenly Father. He found out about Jesus through MWB's Bible Correspondence Course - and eagerly became a Christian, learning all he could through the lessons he receives in the post. He said, "My hope is in the fact that Jesus will never leave me. I know that he always listens to my prayers and it gives me strength to move forward. I am always encouraged and have the promise that God is with me."


Ilie shares everything he learns with his family - and even won third place in an Easter poetry writing competition. He has also had the chance to go on summer camp, where he saw a different world from what he had ever seen before. He loved getting to know the leader of his team. "I could talk to him like to a big brother," he said. "I miss him, as he was an example of kindness and goodness."
Ilie's favourite activity on summer camp was crafts and he has a passion for making bracelets and knitting. He dreams of becoming an interior designer one day, and wants to build his own beautiful house where he can live with his aunt and cousins. Ilie said, "I am grateful to Mission Without Borders for helping me with many material and spiritual things. It is a great help that my aunt can't afford."

Sergiu Covalenco, MWB coordinator, said, "I am glad to see Ilie's life changing in a good direction. These children need affection and love. The activities and projects from the Mission help them to feel appreciated and valued. "I want to help all of them to know more about Jesus through Mission's projects, and I pray to God to bring this child closer to Him."


Your support can help more children like Ilie hear about Jesus for the first time. The Bible Correspondence Course engages children in beginning to understand the Bible and all that it says about Jesus and the Christian faith. They feel valued as they receive regular letters, birthday cards, and certificates celebrating their achievements, and are encouraged in their walk with a God who will always take care of them.