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Supporting a broken family: Darius’ story



Darius and his broken family live in a community of huts in the poorest part of a forgotten city in Romania. Tonight, as storm clouds gather, he stands behind his little brothers as they look out of the window of their home. Rain begins to fall hard and one by one leaks appear in the roof of their two-roomed hut, but the boys do not react, as this is just normal to them.

A year ago, their father was sent to prison and then their mother left to go abroad - there is no sign of her coming back.


World turned upside down

"The situation is affecting the children a lot," their grandmother says. "At first they did not want to speak or eat, as their mother left without saying goodbye. Their world has been turned upside down."

There used to be 12,000 inhabitants in the town where Darius lives, but now there are just 7,000 as young people and desperate parents leave the country in search of hope elsewhere. In this situation, parents who abandon their children leave them on the brink of disaster as many go without signing any documents regarding who the children's legal guardian should be.

Brink of disaster 

Darius' grandmother has been the heroine. Hearing the mother had decided to leave, she ensured the documents were signed so that she could take care of her grandchildren. The problem is that in no way can she cover their basic needs, as most families in their community survive on less than a dollar a day. On top of this, Darius' parents have saddled the grandmother with debt and she has no way of paying it off. If they lose this home, there is nowhere left for them to go.


Mission Without Borders (MWB), in partnership with the local church, is reaching children like Darius in this community. Through the help of supporters, MWB has set up an After School project which provides 35 children, including Darius and his brothers, with a hot meal five days a week, space to play and do homework and the opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ.

Standing in the gap

"If this project was not here," Radu Aconstantinesei, MWB's coordinator says, "Darius and his brothers would go home, they would have nothing to eat and no one to look after them and it is highly likely that they would no longer go to school. Bad influences of every kind are outside their door. We stand in the gap for them and give them affection and love and let them know that they are valued. This is a huge challenge as all they have ever experienced is rejection."

Darius' future hangs by a thread and there are too many children suffering like this across Eastern Europe's poorest countries. By making a monthly gift you can give them hope and let them know that someone somewhere cares about them.