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After the fire – a thank you from Romania



After the fire - a thank you from Romania

Families whose building was destroyed in a devastating fire last October in Victoria, Romania, have received support from Mission Without Borders (MWB) to rebuild and refurnish their homes.

Thanks to donations from our supporters, MWB was able to provide furniture and roofing and building materials to families who lost everything in the flames. The 33 people who were affected, including 17 children, were left only with the clothes they were wearing - and everything they had managed to gather over the course of their lives was gone.



One distraught mother, Crina, said at the time, "We all worked for this. Only the walls remain."

MWB responded as quickly as possible after the fire by supporting the affected families directly - and by reaching out to local authorities through our connections with the local church in Victoria.
With winter quickly approaching, the most important part of the recovery project was getting a roof over the families' heads. Victoria City Hall donated a large part of the money needed for the roof but MWB helped with this expense.



To enable the families to return to living in their apartments, we provided them with donations of washing machines, freezers, wooden floor tiles, clothes, furniture (wardrobes, beds, chairs and countertops), building materials (plaster boards, snuffs, switches, and more), mattresses, pillows, rubber boots, paint, and crockery. Our coordinator, Radu Acostantinesei, got in touch with the families and delivered the items as needed.

The single-storey building that caught fire is where two families supported through CRI in Community and another family who was sponsored through MWB live. As well as them, a further five families were affected. As they all share the same roof, all eight families benefitted from the roof reparations, and all of them received donations from MWB.


After receiving help, Crina, said: "You gave us a place to sleep. We didn't know where we'd even put the clothes that we salvaged from the fire and you even brought us more, together with the furniture. "I pray that God gives you good health and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Alexandru Danilenco, field country manager, said, "We want to give our special thanks to everyone who got involved so we could help these eight families start working to repair their homes, the roofs, and show them they are not alone. Thank you very much!"

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