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Summer Camp impact in Bosnia-Herzegovina



Noa's story

The sun beamed down in perfection on Bosnia-Herzegovina as Noa boarded the bus to take him and 100 other children to the coast for Summer Camp. For many this was the first time that they would ever see the sea. Despite the perfect weather, many children across the country struggle in poverty and life through their eyes is anything but perfection, but this journey to the coast would begin ten days of hope and joy in their lives.


Noa's mother died of cancer a couple of years ago, and ever since he has desperately missed her love. His father suffers from PTSD and ill health because of the Bosnian war, which means he cannot work and struggles to provide for his children's needs.

Despite all this, plus struggling with learning difficulties, as soon as Noa got on the bus to go to Camp his face exuded joy, love and happiness. Playing in the sea he was in his element, shouting: "Look at me everyone, look at me."


During camp, he took part in creative workshops, he enjoyed dancing and he got an award for being a 'best friend' to another child on camp. Throughout the ten days he received support from our volunteers who made him feel special.  

Now back home, we hear that soon it will be Noa's birthday and that he will get a birthday surprise visit from the Summer Camp volunteers.


Only your support made these ten days possible for Noa. A monthly gift of R250 or whatever you can spare, can make a difference to a Bosnian child in the year ahead.

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