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An update on Vladut and Cristian

07 August 2017

One year on and on the surface not much has changed in Vladut and Cristian's Roma village in rural Romania. Many parents here are still gone for days at the nearby garbage dump, collecting bottles and whatever they can find to sell, as each day they struggle to cover their children's basic needs...

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From an orphanage to studying medicine at university: Ana’s story

02 August 2017

Ana's father passed away when she was little and her mother could not provide for her basic needs. Children in Moldova who are sent to boarding homes have few if any chances in life, but thanks to investment in her education she is now breaking that stereotype. "When I left home at the age o...

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From poverty to making children laugh: Matea’s story

21 July 2017

Before Matea began receiving support from Mission Without Borders (MWB) she was nine-years-old and was living in a broken unemployed household with an abusive alcoholic father. Her parents divorced and her mother was left to bring up her three children alone and could not cover their basic needs...

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Construction work begins at CORE Community site in Mostar

10 July 2017

Construction work begins at CORE Community site in Mostar Construction work has started at the future CORE Community centre site in Humilisani/Potoci, in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina. One amazing part of this project is that the Evangelical Church, Mission Without Borders partners with in Mo...

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Arguing over who gets to pray - giving children a chance in Romania

30 June 2017

Before Sebbie began attending After School, he was noisy, constantly fighting, and he did not know how to read or write. When his teacher would move past him quickly, he would flinch, as he is so used to being beaten and hit at home. "I did not know how I was going to deal with him," Dorina...

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Receiving and giving back: a volunteer’s story

23 June 2017

Five days a week Lobel, a local volunteer, arrives at the church at 6am to prepare food for 35 of her communities most vulnerable children. In her town in Romania, 80% of the population live on or below the poverty line and many children live in appalling conditions in old communist flats or in...

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Revisiting Summer Camp 2016

14 June 2017

Please watch this short Video that was put together from Summer Camp 2016. Please continue to pray for the Spiritual growth of these precious children...

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Summer camp photo's

12 June 2017

Have a look at the latest Summer Camp photos here https://www.facebook.com/MWB.SA...

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Elder care/summer camp

09 June 2017

"For the first time in years, I feel I can breathe" elderly summer camp in Albania...

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A camp for the elderly in Durres

02 June 2017

We often associate Mission Without Borders' (MWB) summer camps solely with children running around in the sun with laughter on their faces. But this summer in Durres, Albania, a different summer camp will be taking place. 60 elderly people in need, who regularly go to the soup kitchen in Ber...

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I feel more confident now: Veronyka’s story

19 May 2017

My purpose in life is to be a good person, as this is what I see the people at the center doing, Veronyka says, looking sadly out of the window with a look that betrays mixed feelings of insecurity and courage...

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Fragile potential: Anabela’s story

12 May 2017

The smell of wonderful fresh bread fills the air as you head down the muddy snow covered tracks of the valley and into the Roma village. "I want to become a doctor", Anabela tells us; "I want to help people." Anabela and her five siblings live together in one room in a Roma village in ce...

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Finding Jesus at Summer Camp: Serjina’s story

01 May 2017

"After realising that God had died for my sins I began loving Him even more and decided to accept Him in to my heart. I repented at Summer camp. After that, my friends at school mocked me when I was telling them about God. At the beginning, my parents also ridiculed me for becoming a Christian...

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StreetMercy in Bulgaria celebrates 5th anniversary

25 April 2017

This month Mission Without Borders team in Sofia, Bulgaria are celebrating the 5th anniversary of the StreetMercy project...

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Agriculture work begins at the Core Community Humilisani

11 April 2017

The spring work at Core Community Humilisani has begun. The volunteers form church Brankovac in Mostar have planted potatoes and green beans. It was great time to engage some of the F2F families from Core (family Kalem) and some from the city (family Masic). Rusmir lives in city and it was his f...

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Opening my heart to Jesus, saved my marriage

07 April 2017

It was my first time visiting Moldova, and I was not surprised by the feelings I felt as I looked out of the window as we flew over the capital, Chisinau. The grey colors and faint images of the houses from above gave me a taste and feeling of a poor country and the desperate people living there...

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Update on the agriculture project in Palanca

31 March 2017

"Our work here is not just about talking about Christianity and worship, but placing the church as the practical lead in the community, showing the people how to use their gifts and our fertile land to better their lives. Everything starts by changing mentalities...

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Help the children left behind in Romania

24 March 2017

"I do not miss her", Dani says while clutching his dog, Bella. However, his older brother struggles to swallow his tears as he recalls the happy times spent with their mother when she last visited. That only happens once or twice a year, and so the brothers live in their aunt's depressing apartm...

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Supporting families torn apart by alcohol

17 March 2017

Supporting families torn apart by alcohol "After we got married," Lena says, "my husband would go missing for days, even weeks, and I had no idea where he was. When he finally showed up, he smelled of alcohol and his appearance was terrible. "There were times when we were all so afraid wh...

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“We might look poor, but we are rich in Christ”

10 March 2017

This is what Lulezim says surrounded by his family in his home in rural Albania. There is a lot of hopelessness in his country which can be very oppressive as you visit family after family and see the deep needs and the lack of hope in their eyes. Lulezim and his family, however, are different a...

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