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"Reaching people for Christ: helping thousands of children, families and communities out of poverty into a sustainable future"


Crisis in the Vanatori Valley: Seeking to turn winter in to spring

03 March 2017

Help a family survive winter -29, Vanatori Valley, Romania "We are stuck," says Romica Kore, a father struggling to express himself through nervous tears. "But compared to when you first started to help us, things have got better." It is deep winter and heavy snow fall covers the only...

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Renewed purpose and restored dignity: Ruzhdi’story

09 February 2017

"Imagine how you would feel if you had nothing in your pockets. Now, we live with hope." For years, Ruzhdi struggled to make ends meet for his young living in the ex-swamp community in the city of Durres, Albania. Here, the poorest families come from all over Albania in hope of a fresh start...

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Impact of OCL: Diana’s hope and a father’s return

02 February 2017

"I closed my eyes for five minutes to look back on how my life was in the past and what it is like now," Diana says. "I realized how mighty my God is and how blessed I am." Winter is a frightening time of year for the many struggling families in Moldova. Blanketed in snow, Diana's village loo...

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Investing in potential: serving families in the ex-swamp community

27 January 2017

"We want to escape this area," Qendrime, 36 and the mother of two small boys says. "I cannot keep my children happy, it is difficult to give them joy. Around here, it is so hard to get employment because we are rejected as poor outsiders." Qendrime and her family live in a small damp house su...

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Reaching the families of Fllaka

20 January 2017

Arjana is Mission Without Borders' Family to Family coordinator in the struggling village of Fllaka on the outskirts of Durres. The village has an entrenched mentality that domestic violence is acceptable and that women are servants to their husbands. Arjana plays a crucial role making contact w...

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Surviving on the edge of town: Sali’s story

13 January 2017

Sali and his family live in a forgotten community on the outskirts of the city of Durres, Albania. As well as deep poverty, families live here knowing that they reside on damaged and toxic land as a result of sulphur explosion from a nearby chemical plant. They stay simply because they have nowh...

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“My hope is my children” – Elira’s story

03 January 2017

Due to the traumatic first year of her life, Elira's daughter struggles to talk properly. Elira cannot afford the treatment and, even if she could, a positive outcome cannot be guaranteed. "I want to share my experience," she says, "because I don't think Albanian women should accept domestic...

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A Christmas update on Vlad in Moldova

15 December 2016

You may recognise this face, or in many ways you would not recognise it, such is the transformation. Earlier in the year, we gave you an update on Vlad in Moldova, presenting his journey from neglect, rejection and abuse to hope and a bit of joy...

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OCL parcels delivered to Eastern Ukraine

14 December 2016

It's well below zero and snow is falling in Sloviansk, a town on the edge of the conflict zones in Eastern Ukraine. Two Christmas' ago war raged here, bullets flying, shells exploding as control of the town seemed to constantly change hands between the Ukrainian army and the pro-Russian separati...

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OCL reaches most vulnerable in Albania

08 December 2016

OCL parcels have been delivered to some of the poorest families that we support in Albania this week. Many here cannot afford to think about let alone celebrate Christmas - OCL changes this and lets young and old know that somebody cares about them and that they do not struggle alone. These...

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Christmas sponsor gifts to children in CRI Homes Ukraine

01 December 2016

Our Ukraine team are ready and set to go delivering 7,500 Christmas sponsor gifts to children in CRI Homes across the country. This is an extra 3,500 gifts as we sponsor 4,000 children in these homes. Ahead of the deliveries snow has fallen heavily at our offices in Rivne and temperatures ha...

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OCL Moldova 2016

30 November 2016

Teenage volunteers from Norway have been working hard in the warehouse in Chisinau, Moldova this week in preparation for OCL. Great to see such passion and commitment from young people in response to the needs at Christmas of so many in Eastern Europe...

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2,000 OCL parcels to be delivered to conflict zones in Eastern Ukraine

28 November 2016

This month, Mission Without Borders' field manager in Ukraine, Mykola Bogdanets will travel with church partners to deliver 2,000 Operation Christmas Love (OCL) parcels to the Ukrainian town of Sloviansk. During the conflict the town was fiercely fought over and was initially under the control o...

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Fighting isolation and poverty: Vlada’s story

25 November 2016

Vlada has faced cruelty all of her life. Growing up in a Roma family, at the age of 12 Vlada's parents abandoned her at a railway station in Chisinau, Moldova's capital city.   After three years of isolation and rejection living on the street, she was picked up by a man who abused her in...

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Surviving Srebrenica: Dado’s story

23 November 2016

"I was running through the forest, jumping over fallen trees, splashing through creeks, clambering over rocks, my adrenalin pumping in ways I had never known before. All around me was the sound of rockets, machine guns and yelling. The net was tightening and at times it felt like we were just go...

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Overcoming tragedy through faith: Oxana’s story

07 November 2016

In 2014 Oxana and her little brother went to summer camp in Moldova for the first time. They had a blissful ten days having fun, playing games and learning about Jesus for the first time. Oxana felt so committed to what she had learned and experienced that after camp she decided to get baptized...

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Breaking the language barrier: translating the Bible in Bosnia

26 October 2016

Bosnia-Herzegovina is one of the least evangelized countries in the Balkans, so the culture of reading the Bible is very under developed. Even though the nation has produced writers, even a Nobel Prize winner, Ivo Andric, people in general just do not read books...

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Loss, abandonment and becoming a doctor: Eugenia’s story

17 October 2016

Eugenia was devastated when, as a teenager growing up in Moldova, she lost her mother to cancer. After this loss, her father, already often absent abroad for work, became more disengaged from his children and finally abandoned them...

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Summer Camp 2016

10 October 2016

Thank you dear MWBSA supporter's for making Summer Camps possible. Have a look at some of the wonderful photo's taken at the 2016 Summer Camps here: https://www.facebook.com/MWB.SA...

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The impact of a backpack: Timotei’s story

05 October 2016

Thanks to your donation to Mission Without Borders' (MWB) Back to School campaign, thousands of vulnerable and disadvantaged children, like Timotei, in Eastern Europe will start the new school year with renewed hope and confidence. Through your support not only did they receive a brand new backp...

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