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Childrens book written through the eyes of a sponsor

23 September 2016

Author Lianne Biemond had her debut with her first children's book published by the Dutch publisher, Den Hertog in Houten. The first book was handed to her by the publisher in person. The content of the book is based on the life of her sponsor child in the children's home of Rezina Moldova...

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Deadly Bosnian mine wounds son on F2F programme

08 September 2016

For two years the Karavdic family, living high up on the hills on the east side of Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, had no idea that 100m from their home lay a deadly 20-year-old landmine, banned under the Geneva Convention...

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An opportunity to be someone: Scholarships in Albania

07 September 2016

Grandmother Tefta Memaj has brought up her two grandchildren alone after her daughter was murdered by her son-in-law. With the husband in prison, Grandmother Memaj moved from the house where the tragedy had taken place, taking her granddaughters, Antonela and Margarita, with her...

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Summer camp inspires F2F child to become Christian volunteer

25 August 2016

In 2010, Nuzkha went to her first summer camp, organised by Mission Without Borders (MWB). The experience changed her life. "During camp I realised that I should build my life on the Rock called Jesus Christ," she said. "I asked for forgiveness for my sins and accepted Jesus as my personal S...

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Reaching self-sufficiency in Craiova

19 August 2016

On the outskirts of Craiova, Romania, the Bolovan families' greenhouse is full of ripe tomatoes ready for picking and the onions, lettuces and peppers stretch off in to the distance...

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Students graduate from Sarny training centre

11 August 2016

This summer 17 cookery students and 24 tailoring students have completed their courses at the Sarny Training Centre in the Ukraine after six months of hard study...

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“This centre is my real home”: serving the children of Blahodatne

01 August 2016

When Andriy, 7, is asked about life at home, he speaks instead about his dreams rather than the harsh realities he faces in the former mining town of Blahodatne, Western Ukraine. In this town, addiction and hopelessness is everywhere and it is children like Andriy who suffer the most...

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Student overcomes disability through education

22 July 2016

Iryna, 19, suffers from infantile cerebral palsy. Finishing school at 16 she did not pursue education any further because she was ashamed of her disability. Living alone with her mother they had little hope or financial income, until she heard about Mission Without Borders (MWB...

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Prayer Diary

18 July 2016

Please join us in prayer as we seek widom, discernment and understanding in how to better serve and please God. Download our Prayer Diary for some spicific prayer points here...

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CRI and F2F Newsletter

18 July 2016

Please read our latest CRI and F2F Newsletters here...

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Born again out of war: Pastor Radovan’s story

05 July 2016

Radovan grew up in an atheist and communist family in the former Yugoslavia. He made it through school, served in the army, he got a job and felt 'secure.' Then in 1992 Yugoslavia fell apart and Radovan's life was thrown in to disarray and he and his family became refugees. "I lost my job, I...

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Protecting our children

21 June 2016

For the children MWB serves in Eastern Europe, we strive to always work for their best interests, seeking to protect them, serve them and guide them in their lives. This video reflects how we as an organisation want to care and nurture them, and our Child Protection Policy will act as a foundati...

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The impact of self-sufficiency in the Ukraine

08 June 2016

Self-sufficiency is a crucial part of our work with families in Eastern Europe. The Keda family in Western Ukraine are a recent example of the short and long term success this approach can have on a family. Father of six, Valentyn is a loving and caring husband and is also a pastor at his lo...

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‘Only Christians show kindness’: StreetMercy in Chisinau

10 May 2016

Yilesha never thought he would support the homeless. Three years ago a leader was needed to manage a Mission Without Borders StreetMercy project in partnership with his local church, Life Spring, in Chisinau, Moldova. "I thought I would try it for a week or so," he said. "I have to admit tha...

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Abandoned orphan now StreetMercy coordinator

31 March 2016

When Emil was two-years-old his parents divorced. His mother left the village and never came home. The father was left with five children and decided to place the two youngest in a Children's Home. Despite such a difficult start in life, Emil is now 25 years-old and is a passionate Christian wor...

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Fleeing Aleppo: Shamaya’s story

23 February 2016

The neighbourhood in Sofia, where Shamaya goes to receive support from the Council of Refugees for Women, is not somewhere you want to be after dark. The streets are narrow and strangely quiet during the day, the buildings are run down, their colour fading...

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Amber’s story – the struggles of an Iraqi refugee

23 February 2016

For the first time this past Christmas, Mission Without Borders began supporting refugees who have fled war in the Middle East. In partnership with the Council of Refugee Women, based in Sofia, our Bulgarian team have supplied displaced families with food parcels to support their material needs...

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The dire poverty of the Curmei family and their inappropriate living conditions that caused a fire

04 February 2016

The fire started in the middle of a cold night. All 7 members of the family were sleeping. They woke up breathing a heavy smoke that nearly choked them. They rushed outside and thanked God that they were all safe and unharmed...

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The village of Archita

10 December 2015

There is no middle class in Romania, Pastor Florin says, only flash cars and people dying of starvation. The village of Archita is a former German-Saxon settlement. The German population returned to Germany en masse after 1991 and the Romanian government allowed the Roma people to populate th...

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Bridge of Prayer

09 December 2015

Let us thank God for who He is and for all He has done for us, and for His will and direction as we are about to enter into a new year. May His will be done and His name be glorified...

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