Mission Without Borders
"Reaching people for Christ: helping thousands of children, families and communities out of poverty into a sustainable future"


Escaping Donetsk: a story of a Ukrainian refugee and his family

19 November 2015

When we came to Mission Without Borders, they did not analyze or scrutinize my passport or judge us, they helped us straight away. We were so impressed. We saw that their attitude was a result of their faith, it is inexpressible to me how they helped me and my family...

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Helena, her family and the reality of Chernobyl today - The forgotten holocaust

18 November 2015

This is where they were brought in and lined up before they were killed", Igor says motioning in a straight line with his hand pointing down the road towards the river. On his right is his house and on his left an enclosed Jewish cemetery...

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Genz Family OCL 2015

20 October 2015

While going through the most difficult times in life, people feel very sensitive about any care and help from others. Probably every one of us believes that it is really great to have someone around you who would support you and give you a helping hand in the time of hardship. On the other hand...

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Deadly harvest rocks the East of Ukraine

08 October 2015

As the sun beams down on farms and endless fields in Eastern Ukraine and the local population carry out the potato harvest, war and chaos seem a long way away...

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Operation Christmas Love

31 August 2015

Please watch this short Vimeo to see how a little bit of help goes a long way in letting the poor and disposessed people in Eastern Europe know that God loves them...

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Please join us in Prayer. Get our latest prayer diary here.

07 August 2015

Please join us in prayer as we seek widom, discernment and understanding in how to better serve and please God. Download the fifth edition Prayer Diary for some spicific prayer points by clicking here...

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It's Christmas Gift Campaign time

07 August 2015

Preparations for our 2015 Christmas Gift Campaign are now well under way...

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How does war affect ordinary people?

07 July 2015

With more than one million people displaced from their homes in Eastern Ukraine, there is much need for every day items you and I sometimes take for granted...

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22 June 2015

Shabby grey walls, broken toilets and woeful children's eyes - this is how most of the Children's Institutions look in Ukraine where there are still 700 Children's institutions that house more than 82,000 orphans and children deprived of parental care...

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CRI in Community program in Cantemir

23 April 2015

Please watch this short video which the Moldovan team has produced for us to introduce the CRI in Community program in Cantemir, that MWB has newly established last month. The video provides a short presentation of the locality, its people and what the local church partner is doing to help the p...

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20 February 2015

"Get ready for winter! The temperature will fall to minus 17°C next week." This news greatly troubles hundreds of families in Moldova, families that are condemned to freeze and whose greatest hope is that they will make it until spring. Snow and low temperatures is a reason for joy for every chi...

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Meet the Stefanco Family

04 February 2015

The Stefanco family live in Moldova. There are four members in the family: mother, two daughters and grandmother. The father died six years ago in an accident at his workplace. The family doesn't have a home and they rent one which is very poor and doesn't have electricity. They face many proble...

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Prayer Diary

14 January 2015

As we enter into a new year, please join us in prayer as we seek widom, discernment and understanding in how to better serve and please God. Download the first edition Prayer Diary for some spicific prayer points by clicking here...

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Second BWB humanitarian aid for the East of Ukraine

26 November 2014

Last week, Brotherhood Without Borders-Ukraine alongside with other Rivne-based charity organizations  arranged for delivery of 20 tons truck with diverse material for the needy people in the east of Ukraine.&nbsp...

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Interested in some facts and figures - check out our Annual Review 2014 here

14 November 2014

With thanksgiving we are able to present our Annual Review for 2014...

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Our Work with Children: Life in Institutions.

12 November 2014

There are 64 children living in this particular institution, and only 5 of them go home every day after classes. All the others stay here overnight and visit their homes quite seldom, the majority only go home for school holidays. This is an auxiliary boarding school for children with mild menta...

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Ukraine devastated by war.

21 October 2014

Dear Friend of the Mission...

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Time is running out for our CRI and F2F Christmas Gift Campaign 2014

09 October 2014

Please have a look at the information regarding this years CRI and F2F Christmas gift campaign...

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Short Vimeos form Ukraine and Moldova

19 September 2014

Please take a minute and watch these short Vimeos from our Summer Camp held in Ukraine and school children benefiting from Mission Without Borders programs in Moldova...

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