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Summer Camps

15 September 2014

Please take a moment to read the experience of Ion Malcocian who has spent 10 days at Mission Without Borders' Summer Camp and the impact it had on him and his family...

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Agricultural Project 2014 Successfully Started

28 July 2014

We are happy to inform that our Agricultural Campaign 2014 has successfully started. This is our mutual project with the local church from the village of Chudel. We cooperate with this church, helping them through our Special Projects Department. Our support this year consisted of buying for the...

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Summer camps have started in Romania

08 July 2014

Summer camps have started in Romania. It is one of the busiest times of the year, but one of the most beautiful ones also. All year long, the children have waited with anticipation for this moment and now they can hardly wait until that special day comes. Because the number of children who c...

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25 April 2014

Vaide Sula (43) has three children: two sons and a daughter. She and her children are victims of domestic violence. After she got divorced, the family knocked on the doors of the Mission, asking for help. This is one of the newly-enrolled families in the Family to Family program. The eldest son...

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The UA crisis and its effect on the Ukrainian society

19 March 2014

Things in Ukraine have been changing so quickly for the last several weeks, and all of us are just overwhelmed by all the events and the news of every next day. No doubts, our country is now overcoming its hardest period since 1991 when we gained our independence from Soviets. Praise the Lord, a...

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Straseni - Are we asking the impossible?

18 March 2014

Dear friend of the Mission...

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Snowstorms Sweep Parts of Romania, Causing Havoc

28 January 2014

Heavy snowfalls and blizzard affected 18 counties from Southern and South Eastern Romania. The authorities issued an alert code for massive snows and wind. Many national roads and 3 highways were closed to prevent drivers getting stranded en route while tens of villages were left without electri...

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A Small Christmas Box Brings Much Joy

13 January 2014

The three siblings by different fathers have to fend for themselves as their mother leaves them alone, sometimes for the entire day. Octavian, the older boy takes care of his four-year-old and two-year-old siblings. His mother lives an immoral life and she leaves her children by themselves very...

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CRI in COM in Moldova

07 November 2013

In Moldova, MWB's CRI in COM Project was established due to the needs the socially-vulnerable children in communities are faced with. According to some statistics, every tenth child from the Republic of Moldova has one parent or both of them abroad. In Moldova, at the present time, migration has...

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It's Christmas Gift Campaign time!

29 August 2013

Preparations for our 2013 Christmas Gift Campaign are now well under way...

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The Bible: The Word of God That Helps Us Grow Spiritually

02 August 2013

The Tabaku family lives in a small cabin which they adopted into a small living place. The family consists of the parents, Agron and Merita, and their three children, Mario, Rexhina and Xhusana. Both the parents work occasionally and the blessed period for them is summer because the whole family...

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Soup Kitchen beneficiary Bulgaria 2013

08 July 2013

This article profiles two beneficiaries of the Soup Kitchen in the town of Burgas, in eastern Bulgaria, the difficulties they have in life and the difference the food from the Soup Kitchen and the fellowship with the coordinator and the other beneficiaries.&nbsp...

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Summer Camps are happy days

03 July 2013

Local volunteers are core to the work undertaken by Mission Without Borders. In this film we meet one of our Romanian volunteers who gives us an insight into Summer Camp and the visiting of children throughout the year...

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Ingriseda: The Girl that Would Like to Become a Doctor

28 May 2013

Ingriselda Xhavara (F2F# 101073) is a little girl - not yet six years old. She lives in a one room house together with her family: her 36 year old mother, Margarita, 12 year old brother, Jurgen and her eldest sister, Feride who is 10 years. Her whole life is centered in the small yard of the ble...

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Kids’ camps leaders in training

27 May 2013

Over 440 volunteers and MWB staff across the six countries where MWB works are currently in training to lead the thousands of children due to attend our residential Summer Camps. Sessions review past camps, as well as look at finding new ways for making each camp more enjoyable for children...

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It's time for Summer Camps

22 April 2013

Please take a moment and watch these video's...

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Operation Winter Rescue (OWR). Warm Clothing During Freezing Times

20 February 2013

The Budi family lives in a very poor area, in the periphery of Valcea City. They settled there in order to be in the same neighbourhood with the mother's mother, who used to help her with the children. The father, Budi Sorin (30 years old), was born in Sibiu, in a family of Gypsies who didn't ha...

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Sub Zero Temperatures in UA Took 37 Lives

07 February 2013

Last February, as Ukraine went through its coldest winter in six years, over 130 people died of cold. Due to the extreme cold and snow stormsthis December, a total of 37 people have frozen to death in Ukraine, five of them dying in hospitals, according to the Ukrainian Health Ministry. A total o...

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Interview with a newly enrolled family with concrete visual needs

07 January 2013

The winds blow on four sides of the Shpataj's house in Durres. Inside it is almost colder than outside, but the mother and her four kids are used to living there; they feel blessed for having their living space made of bricks because not long ago, they were living in a hut. Bread, olives and an...

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Agricultural Initiatives with F2F and churches

07 January 2013

At the end of February 2012, an agricultural project with its full title Agricultural Initiatives with F2F and churches was started in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is intended to be an additional support to already-existing ways of help to those who are in a need within the F2F program and the chu...

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