Mission Without Borders
"Reaching people for Christ: helping thousands of children, families and communities out of poverty into a sustainable future"


Programme Synopsis

Child Rescue International (CRI)
The Mission is particularly concerned about the plight of children and the CRI programme saves them from suffering, whether they are being maltreated in their own homes or abandoned to one of the numerous government institutions that still exist.


Summer Camps
These provide carefree, Christian holidays to many who know what it's like to go to bed hungry and have never dared dream of having a vacation. As they grow up, MWB helps provide education, career training and guidance.


Family to Family (F2F)
This hugely popular programme provides opportunities to private sponsors to help needy families directly, especially when the need is urgent. This involves supplying everything and anything, from roofing material, to stoves and fridges, or furniture.


Operation Winter Rescue
Winters in the regions we operate are brutal, and often deadly. We 'rescue' families and individuals in desperate situations by providing warmth - food, clothing, blankets and fuel to prevent them from freezing.


Operation Christmas Love (OCL)
Putting Christ back into Christmas, MWB's OCL parcels are often considered a 'little miracle' to those who had feared Christmas without a crumb. These parcels of food, little treats and gifts are, indeed, a Godsend.


Other offerings
There are Soup Kitchens and other help for the old, the homeless, the outcasts. And Gifts in Kind is an outlet for those who can offer a service or goods in lieu of money.

A most important aspect of MWB's mission is revealing the Word of God to these people to whom a God was an unbelievable concept. The organisation distributes its own, beautifully illustrated Bibles, a leaflet in OCL parcels explains Christmas, Bible Study classes are held, spiritual counselling is offered, and participation in local church activities is encouraged.


The Ukranian Crisis
Whatever Putin and his cohorts say, Russia is waging war in Ukraine. Thousands of Ukrainians have already been killed and the suffering is staggering. The old and very young are so bewildered they don't know who is bombing their homes - or why. Starvation is a reality. Mission Without Borders constantly runs the gauntlet of Russian-backed aggression to deliver food, medical supplies and other essentials. In December MWB and another charity organisation jointly delivered a 20-ton truckload of humanitarian aid to the war-ravaged eastern zone. The precious cargo consisted of 2000 OCL food parcels, warm knitted blankets, clothing, roofing material, medical beds and stools. Parcels included a booklet explaining the meaning of Christmas and emphasizing the Christian spirit of love and giving, hopefully strengthening their faith in a peaceful future.

Programme Synopsis End Pic Mar 2015