A special day at Summer Camp

Summer Camps have always been a highlight of the MWB calendar, but this year, in Ukraine, their significance is clear.

The camps represent a return to childhood. Time for children, to laugh, play and enjoy their days freely in a safe place.

We have counsellors available to talk with the children and many dedicated staff and volunteers who continue to support and journey with each child and family in their time of need.

Just last week, the mayor of Rivne, Ukraine visited one of our summer camps being hosted for children of displaced families. Watch the video to hear his moving perspective on the work of Mission Without Borders in Ukraine.

Mykola Bogdanets, Country Director of MWB Ukraine shares his heart

"This year has been the hardest for Ukraine in my lifetime. Thank God, that despite all of our difficulties, we can have such a wonderful time at our Summer Camps. This special time and place are separated from sorrows, worries and uncertainty, and is in fact a safe place to play for these children. The enemy tries to ruin and steal childhood from our Ukrainian kids. However, this motivates our workers and volunteers to pour out even more love, care, and joy on these children. We ask you to add into your prayers blessings upon the future of our young generation."

He continuesMay God have mercy on us and may He reward you, our dear supporters, many times more for your abundant support during the dark times we are coming through.



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