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Rejoicing at summer camp: Renis' story

Summers are hot and dry in Albania providing the perfect weather for a holiday. But before nine-year-old Renis went on Summer Camp he had never been on a holiday before. Growing up in the poorest community in his city all he had ever known was poverty and parental unemployment in a community that floods and where there is no proper sewage system.

When he first arrived at camp he was shy, reserved and nervous, but that soon changed.

"When I heard about camp I was impressed, but I was also afraid as I had not been anywhere before," he said. "The first day we went swimming, which I had never done before and I had rubber bands to help me float. I got to know my room mates and we became friends. I loved playing football. My family is not Christian and I had never heard God in our home, but at camp, I learnt that Jesus is my superhero."

Nikolino Kosta, Mission Without Borders coordinator, said: "Renis enjoyed every single day at the camp. He loved being part of the day's activities, especially playing soccer. It is also amazing how a kid so innocent can transmit so much joy in you.

"I believe that this Summer Camp helped Renis to get to know Christ personally, to grow with him spiritually and helped him to find skills or talents that belonged to him. He learnt what it means to truly rejoice."

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