Our History

60 years of transforming lives in Eastern Europe

We have been strengthening the poor and bringing hope to the marginalised for 60 years.

In 1960, a pastor in the USSR showed our founders a single, torn-out Bible page, from which he had preached for 17 years. He challenged them to "put Bibles into Eastern Europeans' empty hands to reach our own people." 

And that's exactly what we did.

Originally founded as Underground Evangelism, we made it our mission to get Bibles behind the "iron curtain". Later, renamed Aid to the Persecuted, we also gave material support to Christians oppressed and persecuted under the Soviet regime. 

When Romanians ousted communist dictator, Ceausescu, in 1989, the world was shocked to discover thousands of desperately neglected children, housed in dilapidated orphanages. We began immediately to provide material and educational support. By 1990, in order to impact the lives and future of these children, we established our child sponsorship programme.

With the end of the Cold War and the disintegration of the barriers it imposed, Mission Without Borders (MWB) was born. Our vision was to bring spiritual, emotional, educational and material aid to all those in need, regardless of their beliefs. Our values are to journey with impoverished and marginalised people and communities for Christ - to bring healing, help and hope as they move towards self-sufficiency.

Whilst the context in which we work has changed significantly in the last 60 years, our Mission has remained the same - reaching people for Christ.

Help us to continue transforming lives in Eastern Europe

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3 674 Bibles distributed to people in Eastern Europe last year



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