Investing in futures

Make a gift to Mission Without Borders in your will

Investing in futures

A gift in your will can help us to reach more people for Christ in eastern Europe.

A Sustainable Future

A gift in your will means we can provide a faith filled future for the people of Eastern Europe. Your gift will help restore the dignity of more people sooner. You will set them on their journey to self-sufficiency and demonstrate God's immense love for all people.

We hope you will consider leaving a lasting gift to Mission Without Borders.

Our promise to you

Making decisions about your future is a personal and private process. We promise that we will never pressure you to express your intentions and we know that your family and loved ones must always come first. Any gifts you leave will be handled respectfully. We will always ensure that your gift is used appropriately so that it has as big an impact as possible. Finally, we will always respect your decision and your right to change your mind about leaving a gift to Mission Without Borders.

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Give hope and dignity.