Giving FAQs

How does my sponsorship help?

Because of your sponsorship we are able to work with a specific child or family, to help them with practical, emotional and spiritual support.  What that looks like will vary depending on whether the child is living in an institution or in a community, or where the family lives. Some of our families live in remote rural parts of the country, others in towns and cities.  The important thing is that because your sponsorship is regular we are able to commit to working with a child or family for a number of years, not just appear and then disappear again. The relationships that we build with the children and families we work with are one of the most important parts of the work that we do and often is what they value the most.

Will I be the only sponsor?

When you sponsor a child then yes, you are the only sponsor.  However as our work with families is more labour intensive, and the cost of the practical help given each month is greater, we allocate four sponsors per family so you will be sharing the cost.  It is possible, and many people do this, to pay for more than one sponsorship per family, or pay for all four slots so that you are the only sponsor.

Can I write to my sponsored child or family?

We highly recommend writing a letter to your sponsored child or family. The letter should be sent to our office by April 1st and September 1st. For additional details, please get in touch with our office or refer to the sponsorship brochure provided to you when you signed up.

Can I visit my sponsored child or family?

Of course, we can help arrange that. If you are going to be visiting the country anyway we can arrange for our staff to meet you one day and take you to visit your child or family and their community.  Alternatively we arrange sponsor tours where you can visit a wide range of projects as well as your own child or family. Just CONTACT US for more information.

What other opportunities will I have to hear from my child or family?

They will write to you at Christmas, and once a year you will get update about how they are doing, with some information from our co-ordinator in the field who works closely with them, you will also get the chance to hear more about the community where they live.

What happens if I have to cancel my sponsorship?

Your sponsorship is vital in insuring that we can provide the help that we do, but we understand that circumstances change. We have planned our work in such a way as the child or family will continue to be helped until such time as we can find a new sponsor.


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