Unforgettable Summer Camp in Bulgaria

Isus feels like a child for the first time in his life

“This week was unforgettable”

"This week was unforgettable! – because for a few days, I was a regular, carefree child, not a boy living in poverty."

Isus, 12, lives with his parents and five sisters in a Roma community in Gotse Delchev, Bulgaria. His father, Valeri, works tirelessly – but his low wages mean there's never enough money to cover bills, food, and other essentials. Isus has to spend his summers working to help his dad, leaving no time off for fun activities.

Isus had been longing for a break from his chores and responsibilities. He dreamed of escaping the monotony of everyday life and experiencing something different and exciting. His wish finally came true when he was given the opportunity to attend a Mission Without Borders summer camp.

"I had an unforgettable week. Everything was so much fun, so wonderful," Isus said.

The camp took place in a beautiful setting surrounded by forest and offered a wide range of activities for the children – swimming, singing, playing, crafts, and Bible lessons. Each day was filled with joy, laughter, and the chance to try new things. Isus said, "At home, we don't eat so well, but at summer camp, we had soup, a main course, and dessert! I couldn't believe that we ate three times a day.

"I want to help my dad, but the truth is that sometimes I want to do other, more childlike things. I love my sisters very much, but the responsibilities keep piling up when you're the only boy.

"At summer camp, I made friends with children from different backgrounds who want a brighter future just like me. We understand each other's problems, and we became such good friends. We all have memories that we will never forget.

"I was so excited! For the first time in my life, I felt like a child, carefree and full of dreams."

For the first time in my life, I felt like a child, carefree and full of dreams.


Valeri, Isus's father, said, "We are very poor; we must work hard to make ends meet. My wife looks after the children; our only income is from my small salary."

"I appreciate all that MWB does for me and my family. Thank you to every single sponsor for making it possible for my children to attend summer camp.

"When my boy came home, he was so changed and encouraged. It was a huge opportunity for him. He had the chance to experience something radically different from everyday life in our poor community. He talked to me in so much detail about what he learned and what happened at the camp. He talks about the Bible lessons and his new friends."

Isus added, "How can I thank you, Mission Without Borders? You have made me so happy. This experience instilled in me a newfound determination and hope to create a better life not only for myself but also for my entire family."

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