Ionut has the best time ever

Summer Camp Romania

"I love summer camp"

Ionut, 12, lives with his parents and five siblings in Solca, Romania, a small town in the northeast surrounded by rolling hills and forests. There are very few employment opportunities here. Some work in forestry, and many pick mushrooms and berries to sell, while others travel to Germany for agricultural work.

Ionut and his family live in poverty, his parents taking on whatever temporary jobs they can find. Summer school breaks can look bleak to lively children like Ionut. There is little to fill the long summer with, and it's difficult for children living in poverty to try new activities, meet new people, or learn new skills.

That's why Ionut's favorite thing about being enrolled in Mission Without Borders's child sponsorship programme is the chance to go to summer camp.

As sponsored children, Ionut and his siblings receive regular support, aiming to help them break out of the poverty they are growing up in and build a brighter future. For Ionut, summer camp is a vision of that brighter future – where he is rejuvenated, busy, learning new things, and surrounded by friends.

Ionut said, "I love summer camp. I looked forward to being at camp this summer, and hopefully, I will do it again next year. We enjoy every single thing here. Making new friends, playing games, eating cotton candy – it's all so much fun. It's by far the best week of the year. We can hardly wait from one year to the next to come along to summer camp again."

MWB's summer camps require a lot of hard work, wisdom, and planning. Staff and volunteers plan fun activities, songs and games, Bible lessons, workshops, hikes, and surprises. Each camp takes place in beautiful surroundings, and there are swimming pools, sports fields, bouncy castles, and all sorts of things for the children to experience.

The week passes quickly, and Ionut is sad that it's nearly over. He said, "I don't even want to think about what my summer would've looked like if it wasn't for this week.

"This is the best time I could ever ask for. I will have a hard time leaving summer camp, but I'll try to remember everything I experienced here for the rest of the year, especially the songs. I love them.

This is the best time I could ever ask for.


"Once I'm home, I'll probably just stay at home a lot. If not, I'll be out on the field playing football with some of my friends who are still around, or I'll be doing housework and taking care of our animals. I enjoy looking after the chickens.

"Other than that, not much else because there's not much that I can do in the area we live in. There are no playgrounds or places for children, no shops or parks. It's up to us, the children, to come up with ideas of what we can do."

Andreea, one of the volunteers, said, "Ionut is adorable. He has changed so much! He used to be extremely shy and wouldn't say a word. He's still a bit shy now but much more open to relating to everyone around him."

Petrica, the Mission Without Borders family worker, said, "Ionut had a blast. He took part in all the activities and he was eager to learn lots of new things about other people, God, and even himself. He even helped with cleaning the dining room. He sang his heart out and guess what… he wants to come again next year!"

Summer camp opens a new world to children who haven't experienced much of life beyond their small village or town. It communicates value to children like Ionut, builds confidence and well-being, and gives them a break from their everyday struggles as they grow up in poverty.

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