We work with children over an extended period of time to address their immediate and long term needs, providing them with emotional, material and spiritual support, and help with their education. The children we work with can struggle with issues such as neglect, abandonment and a lack of emotional or educational support. Some may have parents who abuse alcohol; others' parents have left the country in search of work, or there may be a great deal of stress at home because of poverty. Through visits from staff, After School clubs, Summer Camp and DreamBus outings, we endeavour to show children how loved they are by God, and by us. We aim to increase their confidence and well-being as we form supportive relationships with them, sharing the truth of the Bible with them and helping them to see that God has a purpose for their lives.

As a sponsor you are a vital part of that relationship, not just by making it possible financially but by writing to your sponsored child, or even visiting them if you can.

Just knowing that someone cares about them can make all the difference.



Give hope and dignity.