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Ionut’s story

Summer camps - a life-changing experience

Eleven-year-old Ionut lives in a village in northeastern Romania, a beautiful region of forests and pastures rich in natural resources.

It sounds idyllic – but amidst the beauty, the area is undeveloped, with very few economic opportunities and some living in terrible poverty.

Children like Ionut enjoy the meadows and woods as their giant playground, but as they grow up, many are likely to end up in the same poverty as their parents. 

Mission Without Borders supports children living in this region, helping them to break out of the cycle of poverty. Ionut has been enrolled in our child sponsorship programme since he was three years old, when his parents were unemployed with six children to feed and overwhelmed by their problems.

MWB’s support over the years has given the family much stability and support – but for Ionut, the best part of all has been the summer camp that MWB runs every year. Summer camp gives impoverished children a holiday and an experience beyond their local neighbourhood. Last summer, Ionut and three of his sisters went to camp together, which meant the world to them. They made new friends and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 

Ionut said, “I’ve gone to summer camp before and had tons of fun. I loved the singing, the time we spent in small groups, the Bible lessons and the games, and all the new things that were so interesting to me. 

“I can’t even begin to say how much I would love to attend a summer camp again. Going on the slide, jumping on the trampoline, listening to Bible stories, and talking to my friends in the evenings in our room are some things I love and want to do again.” 

As well as giving children a valuable experience of happiness and fun, summer camp has been an experience that has led to many lives changing dramatically.

Petrica, the MWB worker who supports Ionut and the other sponsored children in his area, said, “I’ve seen for myself the incredible transformation that so often takes place in children’s hearts after going to summer camp. Parents often tell me how pleased they are to see their children become better behaved, more engaged in their education, or more serious in their relationship with God.

“Just last year, some of the children decided to give their hearts to God, and after the camp, one of the girls even got baptised. When the children are at summer camp, we have the chance to get to know them better. And considering that many of them have never been out of their local village, attending camp is a good way for them to expand their horizons. The impact is tremendous!”

The impact is tremendous!


Ionut’s mother, Maria, added, “We’ve seen many changes in our kids after they went to summer camp. They’re more open to friendships and to play with other kids. They’re more generous, they know more about the Bible, and they pray more. They’ve also developed their general knowledge. They’re happier, they smile more often, and they’re more steadfast in their faith.”

She added, “We never had enough money to give our children more than their basic needs. Being able to afford a summer camp for them was not something we could do. Thank you for making it possible for them to go.”

With the help of our supporters, we can send more children like Ionut to summer camp this year – and they too, can experience transformation for life.

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