A love that never fails

A helping hand to a family in need

“I feel guilty and ashamed that I don’t have a normal family. I wish my children had a good loving father and everything they need for a happy life.”

Growing up, Nadya was raised mainly by her grandmother, Nadia, a faithful worker at MWB’s Soup Kitchen. She devoted almost ten years of her life to ministering to children and cooking for them. She prayed every day for her daughter Valentyna – Nadya’s mother – who has long been addicted to alcohol and has shown little interest in Nadya or her sister.

As Nadya grew up, she was very close to her grandmother, who passed away several years ago. She attended the Christian meetings at the Soup Kitchen with excitement and never missed a day. She knew about God and his love. As Nadya grew up, however, she began to drift away from God and instead followed in her mother Valentyna’s footsteps. She got involved in various relationships, trying to find real love. Nadya became a mother and is now raising her children on her own.

I now share an apartment with my mother, who still has a drinking problem and doesn’t care about us,” Nadya said. “There was a horrible moment where I realised that one day, I’ll become just like her.”

The MWB staff at the Soup Kitchen had not forgotten Nadya, whom they had known since she was a little girl, and they knew that God had not given up on her. “We never lost touch with Nadya, even though she avoided us for a while,” said Inna, one of the staff. “I kept telling her that despite the wrong choices she’s made, God is waiting for her to return. God has a plan for her life and a better future for her children. One day, we had a heart-to-heart conversation, and Nadya confessed that her life feels like a heavy burden and she needs help. Now, her children attend Soup Kitchen regularly. Nadya has become more open to communication. Our church tries to help her spiritually, emotionally, and materially."

Even though I’ve forgotten a lot from my childhood, I do still remember clearly how happy I was every time I went to the Soup Kitchen. I hope that one day I will return to God for good, Nadya shared.


The OCL parcels make it possible for Nadya and her children to celebrate being together as a family at Christmas – and are a reminder that they are loved and cared for.

MWB has partnered with the Soup Kitchen in the town of Blahodatne for many years to provide material, emotional and spiritual support to people living in poverty. Journeying with families like Nadya’s over many years, MWB’s presence here is like an anchor through the storms. Through Operation Christmas Love and other projects, MWB will continue to reach out with the love of God, a love that never fails.

42 000

Operation Christmas Love boxes are planned for distribution to families, individuals and the elderly across our six field countries, including 3 000 to those in conflict-stricken Eastern Ukraine.

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