MWB’s Bible Correspondence Course helps children feel needed and loved

Growing up with contrasting perspectives on life

Twelve-year-old Oleg is the eldest of four siblings, living in poverty with his family in western Ukraine. He has ambitious plans for his future, aiming to pursue multiple professions as he continues to learn. He is an observant and insightful child who has learned much from his surroundings and the people around him.

Growing up with grandmothers from both sides of the family has provided Oleg with contrasting perspectives on life.

On his father's side, Oleg has a grandmother who can be intimidating due to her constant display of hatred and anger and the use of foul language. Oleg shared, "Her husband died of cancer, and my dad – drinks too much, which causes other problems. My grandmother has a really bad relationship with all her neighbors. They avoid her, and they're afraid of her."

On the other hand, is his grandmother on his mother's side. "She's a Christian and always taught us to pray and to read the Bible," Oleg said. "Because of her, we go to church. My mother goes to church too, and even though she's not strong in her faith, she's learned to trust God in her circumstances."

Thanks to his maternal grandmother, Oleg has become a Christian and reads his Bible regularly. He is passionate about putting into practice what he learns from Scripture.

"I pray often – for good health, for my father to stop drinking, and for him to get a good job so that he'd be able to feed the family so we wouldn't be hungry," Oleg said.

And he has seen God answer his prayers in many ways. "My father's found opportunities to work, at least temporarily, and over the last few months, he hasn't been drinking as much. I also see how my mother's faith helps her to love my dad and to take care of us."

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One of the most treasured aspects of Oleg's life is the Bible correspondence Course, run by Mission Without Borders (MWB). The course allows Oleg to learn more about Jesus, Christianity, and the Bible by writing letters back and forth to Lilia, the course coordinator. He can ask her questions, share his hopes and fears, and ask for prayer.

Oleg's letters have always stood out to Lilia as they are especially serious and genuine. To encourage him, she has visited him twice at his school. 

Lilia said, "I've been a pen-friend to Oleg for a few years – he's such a special child. He shows a deep understanding of the Bible, and it's always amazed me that he doesn't just have Bible knowledge; he lives it out.

"Oleg shares his worries, dreams, and troubles with me, as well as everything that he finds interesting. As a member of the puppet ministry team, I visited his school and met Oleg in person. We were both very happy to see each other. Since then, I have been back to the school to talk to and encourage him.

"I value our friendship very much. Oleg knows there are people who are always praying for him and ready to help him if he ever needs it."

It has become even more evident how important this aspect of our work is, with the war impacting so many of the children's lives, with one or more parent called up to the front line.

All of them, without exception, need to feel that they're needed and loved.


Lilia added, "I enjoy working as the Bible correspondence course coordinator. It's a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to touch children's hearts. Besides learning about what the Bible says, we also write about our lives and how we're doing. I've come to understand how important it is for many of the young people we work with to have a friend and the opportunity to share their ups and downs. Often, they need advice or encouragement. And all of them, without exception, need to feel that they're needed and loved."

With your support, we can help more children, like Oleg, feel valued and loved, and help them understand life's difficulties through a biblical lens.


That is how many students were enrolled in our Bible Correspondence course in Ukraine last year.

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