Stana’s Story

Instead of loneliness, God gives fellowship and a new family

Finding Friendship and Community

In Glamoc, a town in southwestern Bosnia-Herzegovina, Mission Without Borders runs a Soup Kitchen that supports people living in deep poverty with daily hot meals – mainly elderly people but also families. Every day, the staff there witness the beautiful ways in which God meets people’s needs, giving each person the measure that they lack.

Stana, is one of many elderly people who visits the Soup Kitchen.

“When we first met Stana, she was quite closed-off and difficult to get along with – but our love and care has changed her a lot. She now sees us as her family and she loves spending time at the Soup Kitchen.”

Our love and care changed her.


Blazenko Soldat is the coordinator of the Soup Kitchen in Glamoc, and has known Stana Krčmar, 77, for over 20 years. She lives alone and doesn’t have any family. Not only has she found community at the Soup Kitchen, but her life has been saved more than once.

“There have been three times that she’s collapsed and remained unconscious, and each time, we immediately took her to the hospital and provided her with timely medical help,” Blazenko said. “The doctor said that if we were too late, who knows what would have happened to her.” 

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At the Soup Kitchen, different generations of women support each other despite their own difficulties. Men come together to play chess and find community. Those who are housebound because of health problems are filled with hope, knowing that their visitor will come again and they are not alone.

Two of Stana’s favourites at the Soup Kitchen are four-year-old Stojana and five-year-old Stojanka. Stojana and Stojanka come from a large family living in poverty. There are a lot of problems at home, including domestic violence, but staff at the Soup Kitchen have been supporting the family members as best they can.

The sisters are a great joy to Stana and other elderly people at the Soup Kitchen.

Many of them – like Stana – either have no family, or their family have moved abroad. They view the girls as their grandchildren and love spending time with them.

Not only does Stana love Stojana and Stojanka’s company – but they receive lots of love and attention from her.

Thanks to our supporters we can reach out to vulnerable people and help them when they need it most. 

Will you join us in caring for some of the most vulnerable among us?



Give hope and dignity.