The incredible impact of camp on a poor Roma community

“I had no idea how much adversity and pain people are carrying in these communities.”

A short distance from Sighisoara, Romania, a beautiful historic town that dates back to the 16th century, are many villages where Roma people live in deep poverty. 

The children here grow up in incredibly tough home environments and receive very little educational, emotional or spiritual guidance from their parents or the wider community. 

Many children must get up early during the summer holidays to help their parents with work. Others travel to Sighisoara and beg for money from passers-by in crowded tourist areas. Unsupervised, some children get into trouble with the law – while others become easy targets for exploitation. For those children with any leisure time, there are very few ways of passing the long summer. 

Cristina, 49, works for Mission Without Borders (MWB), supporting families enrolled on our family sponsorship programme. 

She said, “I’d never before known poverty at this level. I had no idea how much adversity and pain people are carrying in these communities.”

MWB began running summer camps for the children from these villages – and now, there is a great deal of excitement and anticipation as summer approaches. As the children step off the bus at camp, it is the beginning of a week full of adventure, created especially for them; a safe place and a fun-filled refuge away from difficulties at home. 

Swimming, ziplining, trampolining, fun activities and delicious treats help to create the most wonderful time of the summer. The Bible teachings have an incredible impact, with God’s salvation through Jesus Christ the foundation of all the teaching – and forgiveness, kindness, acceptance, friendship, prayer, obedience, joy, and love all emphasised too.

Cristina has seen for herself the impact of summer camp on the children. She shared the story of Andreea, 15, who was severely burnt after being electrocuted playing with friends at a train station. 

Cristina said, “Andreea was burned on 40% of the right side of her body and needed months of treatment and therapy. 

“During her recovery, Andreea thought about all the teaching she’d heard at summer camps and Christian events and gave her life to God, feeling grateful that her life had been spared. While humbly sharing her story at summer camp, children all over the room started crying and asking for prayer. Five of them even ended up giving their life to God.” 

You can leave camp, but camp never seems to leave you.


In 2020, MWB’s summer camps in Romania were cancelled for the first time in its history because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The children were deeply disappointed, but they had a great idea in one community in Mures county.

“Some kids gathered on their village streets and divided themselves into playing ‘volunteer’ or ‘participant’. They started playing summer camp – and soon their day was filled with fun and songs they’d learned last summer,” Cristina said. “You can leave camp, but camp never seems to leave you.”

With your support, we can send more children from backgrounds of poverty to summer camp and give them the chance to have a holiday filled with joy.

At MWB’s summer camps, the atmosphere of God’s love and compassion, the fun activities, and the beautiful environment has given many children a fresh perspective and transformed their lives.

Your donation today would make it possible for another child to attend camp and find a safe place to play this summer. Thank you for your generosity.

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