"God takes care of us"

A family's journey towards self-sufficiency

Viktor lives with his wife and children in Rivne, Western Ukraine, where they found themselves living in abject poverty, with seemingly no way out.

“We weren’t able to buy clothing and footwear, not to mention cover urgent expenses such as medicine and utility bills. For me as a man, it was painful to see that I couldn’t provide for my wife and children.” 

Viktor continued, “It was a time of economic crisis, and our income was barely enough for food. But I learned to trust God with all my soul.”

Then the family began to receive support from Mission Without Borders (MWB) and were enrolled in the Family to Family sponsorship programme.

“God started to take care of us, using MWB,” said Viktor. “We received food, hygiene items, stationary, clothing, footwear and furniture. 

“We lived in a tiny house, but with the help of the Mission, I was able to extend the house and add a couple of rooms for the children to sleep and live in.”

Added MWB staff member Pavlo, “It is a great encouragement for us as a staff to see that our help inspires beneficiaries to work hard at building their own lives. The Samoylo family is one such family. I know the father as a man with right priorities and deep faith. He is a hardworking man who is also an excellent builder. Together with his wife Lyudmyla he is raising his children in love, wisdom and obedience to God.”

Seeing how the children continually look to their father when he is around, it is clear how true this description is. Victor’s son Pavlo is like a shadow that follows his father everywhere and tries to help him wherever he can. 

For the last few years, Viktor has been cultivating the land, growing vegetables, and keeping poultry and pigs. This year in western Ukraine, harvests have been good because of the sunshine and regular rainfall and Viktor gives thanks to God for this, knowing that all good gifts come from Him.

He said, “It’s very hard work and a lot of difficulties occur during the process. I thought about quitting a couple of times. There were a lot of reasons to give up; draughts, floods, lack of resources and time, absence of equipment and tools and economic chaos in the country.

Farming is very difficult without the right equipment. 

“Some time ago we received a motorised cultivator as a donation from the Mission. It facilitated and improved production greatly. We also received fertiliser and other necessary items.”


“We now have enough food for the family for the whole year, and can even sell some to people in our town.


He added, “From year to year we try to improve and extend our farming.  Most importantly, we try to be a strong family and to raise our children as good citizens of Ukraine and as sincere Christians.”

MWB's family sponsorship programme empowers families to get out of the rut of poverty and journey towards self-sufficiency. Thanks to our supporters, many parents such as Viktor and Lyudmyla now have an opportunity to work hard and provide for their families, with hope for the future and joy in God’s provision.


518 families in Ukraine are presently enrolled in our sponsorship programme

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