Daniela and Armado’s story

Everything began to change for the family

Daniela, 37, and her husband Armado, 41, grew up in poverty in southwestern Albania. When they had two children and faced unemployment and further poverty, they made the brave choice to relocate in search of a better life.

To their disappointment, in Fllaka, a rural area outside of Durres, their problems continued. They struggled to find jobs and were plagued by fear about how they would provide their children, even basic necessities such as food and warm clothing. 

Looking back, Daniela remembers finding it challenging even to smile. She was filled with anger and sadness and felt trapped in a seemingly never-ending cycle of hardship.

Their eldest son, Engjell, 15, said, "I don't recall much from my younger years, but the image of my mother in tears and scolding me when I made mistakes is a frequent memory."

Armado, 41, said, "As the head of my family, navigating through the challenges of unemployment and meeting our family's needs was a hard task that left me feeling disheartened. Daily arguments and disagreements became the norm, and the idea of being at home was not something I relished."

Everything began to change for the family when Mission Without Borders, who work in Fllaka to support families living in poverty, were alerted to the family's struggles.

"It was a sister in Christ who told me about a woman in her neighborhood who was really struggling and asked me if the Mission and I could help her," said Arjana, MWB's family coordinator in Fllaka. 

The family began receiving regular visits from Arjana. She spent time with them, brought them regular food, hygiene items, and other necessities, and provided much-needed counseling and emotional support. 

Arjana said, "As we gradually invited Daniela to come along to Bible studies and church gatherings, something profound started shifting within her heart and mind. At one meeting, Daniela found herself moved to tears and willingly accepted Jesus as her Lord and Saviour."

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Daniela said, "Before I became a Christian, I found it difficult to summon a smile or experience any sense of well-being. But when I met the Mission, things started to change day by day, and I found myself smiling more and more. I got baptized, and Jesus has become the cornerstone of my life and perspective." 

I found myself smiling more and more.


She added, "Ever since I welcomed Jesus into my heart, I've consistently reminded myself, 'I will have faith, and I will not be afraid.'"

Engjell described how his mother's tears gave way to a much happier atmosphere at home. He said, "The Mission's support – the monthly boxes of food and those with food and gifts for Christmas, the school supplies, and the youth meetings – all bring me immense happiness. As I grow older, I even try to help out my father at work."

Arjana said, "The love, encouragement, and support we gave Daniela and Armado became a beacon of strength and hope. From a woman engulfed in despair, feeling powerless to alter her circumstances, Daniela suddenly found herself empowered with a renewed sense of hope for the future. The Mission's support helped her to believe that positive change was possible for her family."

Looking ahead, the family is optimistic about their future. Arjana said, "We hope to provide the family with a self-sufficiency project next year, to provide them with barber tools, as a step toward fulfilling Armado's wish of working as a barber."

Daniela said, "I am truly thankful for the impact on our family's life, for every change made in every aspect of our lives."

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