A Sustainable Future

"I grew up in this village, and farming is what I've been doing for most of my life. I always wanted to succeed at it."

Although Ukraine is known as the breadbasket of Europe because of its rich soil and vast fields, it has been difficult for small-scale farmers to be successful – even before the war. Farmers here don't have access to capital at affordable prices, and they are further prevented from expanding because of land sale restrictions.

Serhiy Kryvchuk, 42, and his family are hard workers who own a farm in western Ukraine – but they were struggling to make ends meet.  

"They were a family living in desperate need. They had no parents or relatives who could support them, and their small had no facilities," said Pavlo, who works for Mission Without Borders (MWB), supporting families in Rivne.

The Kryvchuks – like all farmers – have had their share of hardships, with drought and a fire compacting their losses.

"Since the family was enrolled in our Family sponsorship program, our staff have walked shoulder to shoulder through difficult and joyful moments," Pavlo said.

MWB's family sponsorship programme provides families with regular material, emotional and spiritual support, addressing their immediate and long-term needs and helping them work towards self-sufficiency.

The Kryvchuks were ready and eager to make the most of any support they received. They farm three hectares, growing potatoes and wheat and keeping livestock. Serhiy wishes he could spend all his time with his family, but small farms in Ukraine don't bring in enough. Therefore, he must work as a bus driver to earn extra money.

Serhiy and Olha have a positive and enthusiastic outlook on life, serve God, and teach their children that difficulties are a good reminder of their dependence on God.

After several years of support from MWB, the Kryvchuk family farm has grown into a busy but happy home. 

Serhiy shares, "To work our three hectares of the land, we primarily used horsepower, our own hands and a rented tractor service. It was hard work, very expensive, and not very effective.

"We hardly dared to dream about it, but recently the Mission provided us with a brand new, powerful tractor.

“The tractor was more than we had ever hoped for and brought so much more efficiency to our work. It made a huge difference.


Serhiy continues, "We live a simple life. We try to be faithful to God and not to value earthly things higher than heavenly ones. The Lord is faithful, and he is more than enough. He helps in different ways, of which one is the support we received from MWB over these past years. We regularly received food and hygiene parcels, shoes, clothing, even building materials, furniture, household electric appliances and more. We are truly grateful!"

Pavlo, who works for MWB, shares how delighted he is with the Kryvchuk family's progress since they graduated from the sponsorship programme. This would not have been possible without the support and generosity of sponsors.

Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the Kryvchuks – who live in a relatively safe part of the country – continue to work hard and are doing well. 

Would you consider empowering parents such as Serhiy and Olha to journey towards a sustainable future by supporting a self-sufficiency project or sponsoring a family in need?


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