From an overwhelming burden to a hopeful future

But when the war began

The Sechka family lives in an old, one-roomed house in a rural area of the Sarny region, western Ukraine.

Mykhailo, aged 40, and his wife Nadiya, aged 31, diligently strive to support their family, facing significant challenges as three of their five children cope with severe disabilities. One of their daughters experiences complete mobility impairment. The children's health issues mean that they need continual medical examinations, check-ups, and treatment, all of which cost money.

Mykhailo used to work in forestry, but when the war began, many areas were mined, and forest extraction was reduced. Mykhailo's wages were cut back to the point where he had to quit. He now focuses on farming and raises cows, pigs, geese, and poultry. His children assist him with the farm work. They have a wonderful example in their persistent, caring, and hardworking parents. 

Mykhailo must cultivate a large amount of land to grow forage for the animals, vegetables, and grain for the family. He was using an old tractor that he bought 15 years ago. The tractor is 50 years old and requires constant repair. Mykhailo says he had to fix it after every workday, but eventually, it wasn't worth the expense. Since then, the old tractor has turned into a playground for the children.

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Despite Mykhailo and Nadiya's efforts, the family's situation became increasingly difficult. Mykhailo losing his job, his children's health challenges, rising living expenses, the ongoing war, and the responsibility of caring for Mykhailo's disabled father all became an overwhelming burden to bear.

Yet, the family trusts God, has the support of their local community and church, and is enrolled in Mission Without Borders's family sponsorship program. Recently, as part of a project to help the family become financially stable, they received a mini tractor from MWB. Mykhailo is profoundly thankful and says it will be a lifeline for their farm and family income.

Volodymyr Brychuk, program manager at MWB in Ukraine, shared that the resumption of self-sufficiency projects in Ukraine in 2023 brought immense joy to sponsored families after a year of intense war and profound uncertainty in 2022.

He continues, "It is wonderful to help families striving to become self-sufficient during such difficult times in Ukraine. Moreover, this also helps the economy of Ukraine."

79 Ukraine Families’ prospects for the future were transformed last year.

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