They will never forget the love of God they see here

With the help of the local church, we feed 140 people in need here every day

A Warm Christian Community

At Mission Without Borders’ Soup Kitchen in Lapraka, Albania, elderly people and families living in poverty are invited to come every day for a filling lunch. Not only do they enjoy delicious, home-cooked food, but they become part of a warm Christian community where they find a home away from home.

The elderly people and families who come to MWB’s Soup Kitchen are people without support in life, people who face overwhelming challenges that they cannot face alone.

Alma, who works for Mission Without Borders as coordinator of the Soup Kitchen, said, “Many of the people living in poverty here are originally from the north of Albania, where life is very difficult, and this church that we partner with was the church that opened its doors to meet their needs. The meal is what brought people together, but in the community here, they have the opportunity to get to know Jesus. They are very open to the gospel.

“We prepare, serve, and distribute warm meals here every day. In addition, we deliver various goods to the homes of those who come here and provide support when needed. We also organize Christian meetings and group prayers for them.

“This support and warm atmosphere positively affects people’s health and their lives in general. They show interest and pleasure in the Bible studies, and their spiritual lives continually improve.” 

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Fitor Muça is the pastor of the local church in Lapraka, which partners with Mission Without Borders. Several individuals from his church volunteer at the Soup Kitchen every day.

He said, “At the Soup Kitchen, we see families, older women, elderly people, people who are divorced and widowed, parents who have health issues. The food project is a big help.

“People come here from northern Albania to find jobs and a new life but are not prepared for life in Tirana. They don’t have the qualifications to secure employment. Some do find work, but it’s very low-paid. We support people here who have very little and who have no opportunity to get the money to meet their needs.

“Because of this project, they’re very blessed, and they’re served high-quality food. They would just have no way of eating food like this without our help. They have stew, vegetables, rice, and pasta, food they enjoy—food that I enjoy myself. The favorite would probably be traditional Albanian food, such as meat cooked with onions. 

They will never forget the love of God they see here.


“Some people have grown up in the Soup Kitchen. We have an older boy who started coming here when he was just two years old. They will never forget the love of God they see here, actions more than words.”

Together, we can reach out to vulnerable people in Eastern Europe with God’s love – and demonstrate the reality of his faithfulness to people living in poverty.


That’s how many meals were served to the vulnerable at our Soup Kitchens last year.

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