The warmth of God’s love

In Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital city, there are thousands of homeless people – and when temperatures turn icy in the Winter, living on the streets becomes unbearable.

With few safety nets in place, it’s easy to find your life turned upside down after a relationship breakdown, rental scam or eviction – and not enough state provision to provide shelter and a way out.

Stefka and her family once lived in a warm apartment with a bathroom and a big living room. She loved cooking, and her husband had a job in construction. But they became abruptly homeless when her stepdaughter threw them out. She, Todor and their two children now take shelter in an abandoned cafe. Conditions are unsanitary, and there is no running water. To wash their dishes and clothes, the family have to travel 20 kilometres by public transport to Sofia, where they fill their plastic bottles from a warm mineral spring.

“I want my children to feel like other children – to have a room of their own, to simply be able to come home from school and have a shower,” Stefka said.

Without running water or facilities, it is difficult for the family to keep clean, which is a problem when looking for work. And as Pamela and Kristian’s clothes are shabby and dirty, they are often mocked by their classmates. 

Mission Without Borders (MWB) supports homeless people in Sofia through its Street Mercy project. As well as giving out warm soup and bread every weekday, we also provide warm clothes and blankets to support people through the cold winter. We do anything else we can: helping people access hospital treatment, providing them with face masks, and supporting others to obtain ID documents they need.

Pamela, 12, was delighted when MWB gave her and her brother sturdy winter shoes. She said, “The shoes are so nice, and they’re warm and comfortable”

Now all my classmates will see that I have good shoes and won’t make fun of me.


“Street Mercy means a lot to us,” Stefka said. “Sometimes, the food we receive from Street Mercy is the only food we have that day. And it’s not just food – we’ve also received shoes and clothes, blankets, backpacks, and school supplies for the children. But most valuable of all is the friendship we receive - the care, love and hope that brings us closer to God.”

We need your help to reach out to more families like Stefka’s and show them the warmth of God’s love. Through our Street Mercy program, the homeless know they have someone to turn to when they need to and a community to call home - no matter their circumstances. 

Please click to give a donation of your choosing to help pay for hot meals and warm clothing for homeless people in Eastern Europe.  

35 190

That is how many meals were distributed to the homeless in Sofia last year

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