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Sorin’s first summer camp experience

A responsible boy’s carefree summer.

Children growing up in poverty in Romania face many challenges – from raising their own siblings or managing a household from too young an age – to living in situations that are harmful to their development.

Sorin is an 11-year-old boy with six siblings. His family lives in desperate need in a house located far from the village. The house has only two rooms with dirt floors and no bathroom or toilet. 

There are high levels of unemployment where Sorin’s family lives, with his parents picking up seasonal jobs in agriculture when they can – but also frequently going abroad to find work. Sorin and his siblings are left at home alone when his parents are working, and as the eldest, Sorin takes care of the little ones.

The family has been enrolled in Mission Without Borders’ family sponsorship programme, and last summer, Sorin was invited to the Mission’s summer camp.

The MWB staff member Constantin who works with the family, said, “Sorin is a very sweet, respectful boy. He comes from an impoverished family, and Child Protection has placed his eldest sister in foster care; she now lives with another family. Sorin’s family is facing difficulties due to various reasons. His parents have limited education, are unmarried, and often have a strained relationship. Additionally, finding employment in their area has been a challenge for the family.

“The family’s residence and surrounding structures are in poor condition, making it unsuitable for children to stay in. The family raises pigs as livestock, and sometimes these pigs even seek shelter in their house.”

The summer camp Sorin attended was held in Poarta Oilor, Alba County, surrounded by green forest and hills, and sunflower fields. Like the other children, who come from poverty backgrounds, Sorin was amazed by all the comfort and activities at summer camp. Like the bathrooms, toilets, and showers; a bed for each child all to himself; plenty of living space and places to play; nourishing meals and creative activities; lots of love and care. Summer camp offers many new experiences children may not typically encounter at home.

Sorin said, “I wish I could tell everyone who made this summer camp possible a big thank you! Being here is a lot of fun. It’s my first time ever in a camp with MWB. I never knew about this place before.”

This year, the summer camp theme was Joseph’s life – and Sorin enjoyed learning all about Joseph and what the Bible teaches about him.

“What I like most about Joseph is that he was very courageous and kind. I learned that I must love others and be gracious towards my siblings,” Sorin said. “I also learned more about praying. I do pray, especially in the evenings, before going to bed. I believe that God is good and that Jesus died for our sins.”

I believe that God is good and that Jesus died for our sins.


Alexandra, a MWB volunteer and small group leader at the camp, said, “Even though he was a bit shy, Sorin got easily involved in everything we did and had interesting questions about God from his childlike perspective. He has a beautiful smile which he doesn’t show often enough. I wish God’s blessings on him and hope to meet him again soon.” 

At summer camp, Sorin played ping-pong, did lots of diving into the swimming pool, and tried rock climbing for the first time. He spent time with his lifelong buddy, Darius, and even made a new friend, Denis, whom he hopes to meet again after summer camp. 

Constantin said, “At summer camp, as well as having lots of fun and spending some time away from home and the challenges there, children are cherished, spoiled, listened to, valued, and taught about God’s unconditional love. This has changed the lives of so many children – for eternity.”

With the help of our supporters, more children like Sorin can experience the life-long impact of going to summer camp and hearing about God’s love for them. Please consider donating today – and join us in seeing children’s lives transformed.

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