Can you Imagine being at war, at Christmas?

Christmas this year looks different in Ukraine. 

Whole cities and villages have been laid to ruin, carefully decorated homes reduced to rubble, and family memories bound up in children’s drawings and photo albums have been set ablaze by shelling.  

How do you begin to clean – never mind decorate – a house laid to waste? Christmas lights and tinsel exist in another universe. 

When the shops are gone and there is nowhere to purchase food, a Christmas feast is an unimaginable luxury.  

When bombs have blasted out all your windows and you no longer have electricity, presents for your children won’t exist.

Can you imagine?

When Tragedy Struck

This time last year, Dmytro and Tetyana had a happy and noisy Christmas at home with their four children in a small village in western Ukraine. Six months later, when Dmytro went out to his usual place of work, the car wash was struck by a missile. 

At Mission Without Borders, our local staff and volunteers have been in Ukraine from the beginning – and we will still be there this Christmas.

Our family worker, Olexandr, was there for Tetyana and her children when they moved to Sarny and needed support – and he was there when tragedy struck.There are many more like Tetyana – who find themselves At war at Christmas.


There are many more like Tetyana – who find themselves At war at Christmas. That’s why this year, with your support, we hope to send 10 000 Operation Christmas Love boxes to people in Ukraine – to people who have sheltered for weeks in basements, to broken families, to struggling farmers, to elderly people, to children praying that the war would end.

Each Operation Christmas Love box contains essential food items, treats such as chocolate, and Christian literature sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

While we can do without the lights and the tinsel, what we need more than anything is the knowledge of Immanuel, God with us – a truth in hard times, at Christmas, and always. 

With your support we can provide an Operation Christmas Love box to a family or individual in need in Ukraine. 


Your gift of R500 will bring hope and joy to families living in war-torn Ukraine this Christmas




Give hope and dignity.