You can help keep families warm this winter

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused devastating hardship to vulnerable families living in severe poverty across Eastern Europe.

As the cold winter deepens, parents anxiously ask themselves, 'How will we make it through the winter?' Many have to choose between heating their homes or feeding their children. There are hundreds of thousands who are unemployed, on a pension, handicapped, receiving a meagre wage, all of whom are unable to cover their food and heating costs. Decrepit roofs, broken windows, and draughty walls make children prone to sickness, but there is no money to pay for any medicine. You can help keep these families warm this winter.

Each year, we embark on Operation Winter Rescue - a coordinated effort across our six field countries, to provide the essentials necessary for survival through the season. We are on track to reach over 5200 individuals and 250 families. We will provide over 83 tonnes of firewood in Moldova alone.

Your gift can help.




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