Hope for the future

Hope can come in many forms. Ultimately it is hope in Christ that we wish to share with our beneficiaries. But for those in immediate need, hope can look like a warm meal, firewood on a freezing night, or tuition just in time to continue a final year of study...

Hope is, for Now, the Future and Eternity.

For a family, hope often looks like sustainability...

We journey with families through close relationships to help them work towards self-sufficiency. This journey typically looks different for every family.

For the Cemurtan family, tomato and pepper seedlings are more than just food on their table; they represent hope.

"We received 150 tomato and 150 pepper plant seedlings from the Mission," Maria said. "Where we live, the soil wasn't much good for cultivation. I took some good soil from my parents' yard. I also took some soil from the lake and carried it home in the horse-cart before starting the work in the greenhouse."

Maria knows her work is not in vain, hoping that her efforts will be rewarded with God's help. Her whole family is waiting to taste the fresh vegetables soon.

Fresh vegetables are a luxury for a large family during the cold season. When there is a bountiful harvest, it enables them to make provision for winter.

Agriculture remains the primary source of food and income for most families living in rural Moldova. They depend on it. To help families support themselves, we purchase wholesale seeds and grow them in our greenhouses in order to deliver sprouts to our families.

At least 300 families will benefit from vegetable seedlings this year: 23 000 tomato, 16 000 pepper, and 13 000 cabbage seedlings. 

It's a partnership in which we sow, they water, and together we grow hope, not only for now but for the future.

Your gift can bring hope.




Transform lives. Give hope and dignity.