“My dream is to become a teacher one day”

A major obstacle to families living in poverty can be the cost of school supplies.

In Bulgaria, many Roma children live in poverty and drop out of school early to help out at home. It is common for girls to get married at a young age. The lack of education means that as adults, they cannot secure well-paid work, and it is much harder to break out of poverty.

Yamur, 12, is a young Roma girl who lives in Ognyanovo in southwest Bulgaria. Her father, Krasimir, is well aware of the pressure to drop out of school – and regrets how little education he received growing up. 

Krasimir, 36, said, "When I was a little boy, my parents didn't let me go to school. They wanted me to work or to learn their trade. They said there was no point in school or studying, and it was impossible for a poor kid like me to become a professor or a doctor. That's why I had to learn to work from a very young age."

Now that he has children of his own, Krasimir is determined that they will have a different future. "With our Roma background, it's normal for girls to marry very young, but I know what the consequences would be for my daughter if that happened. I will never allow it; I do not wish that future for my child."

"Yamur is a very intelligent girl, and I hope that she will never forget where she came from and will have the chance to help other children in the same situation: children who have nothing materially but who have big dreams and want to achieve something worthwhile in their lives."

Fortunately, Yamur's family is enrolled in Mission Without Borders's family sponsorship programme and, as a result, receives regular support in many different ways. 

A major obstacle to families living in poverty can be the cost of school supplies. While education is free, children are expected to provide their own materials, which can be very expensive for families struggling to afford even the basics, like Yamur's. MWB's Back to School campaign provides children living in poverty with backpacks and school supplies so they can be fully equipped and ready to learn and work hard.

And on the first day of the new school year, Yamur was delighted to receive school supplies and a new backpack from the Back-to-School campaign. 

Her face lit up. "Wow, I can't believe it! I have everything I need for school – even a backpack. I love going to school, but sometimes I feel ashamed because I'm poor and I feel different. With my new beautiful backpack, I feel like the other kids." 

Yamur wants to become a history teacher one day because it's her favourite subject. Most of all, she enjoys learning about Ancient Rome, the Trojan War, and Christian history. 

My dream is to become a teacher one day and help children like me.


"My teachers know about my dream, and sometimes they give me the assignment to learn the next lesson and share it with the class."

She added, "It's very hard when you're born poor. I see how my family lives and what they are lacking. What I long for is to have a nice house one day, help my mum and dad live in better conditions, and for my siblings to have their own rooms and beds."

At MWB, we never want poverty to be a reason for children dropping out of school early. Our Back to School campaign equips children with the school supplies and backpacks they need, taking the pressure off their families and helping them feel confident and ready to learn. With your support, we can help more children like Yamur to dream big and have all they need to make their dreams come true. 

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More than 8 000 children were helped with backpacks and school supplies last year.




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