Meet Nayle and Kazim

“Those have been some of the hardest times for me as a parent”

Nayle, 33, was filled with fear – not only because her little boy was in the hospital again – but because of the freezing-cold home she knew they would have to return to.

Nayle and her eight-year-old son Kazim live in Ognyanovo, Bulgaria, and as a single mother, she has to face worries about his health and their financial struggles alone. 

A few years ago, Nayle and her husband’s relationship broke down after he took on two more wives. This led to their divorce, leaving Nayle to navigate the hardships of raising her son alone. He had also severed all ties with Kazim, showing no interest in his well-being or future.

Adding to her burdens, the firewood had run out at home, and Nayle had nothing to light the stove and warm the room. She felt her heart seize with stress at the thought that the coldest winter months were still to come.

“I had no one to lean on when my life turned upside down,” Nayle said. “My parents had died, and everything they owned was left to my brother, who refused to share anything with me.”

Little Kazim suffers from severe anemia, and the doctors have found problems with his liver. His immunity is very weak, and he gets sick very often, which makes it impossible for Nayle to juggle a permanent job with taking care of him. 

Nayle said, My life has been very difficult. There were times when I had nothing to put on the table to feed my child. Those have been some of the hardest times for me as a parent.”

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Two years ago, Nayle and her son were enrolled in Mission Without Borders’s sponsorship program – and now receive all kinds of support, ranging from food and hygiene parcels to regular visits and emotional support from Spaska, the local family worker.

Spaska said, “Kazim is in second grade. He likes to go to school, but it’s not easy for him because he’s a child with special educational needs, and it takes him a long time to understand the learning material, especially as he’s often sick and absent from classes.

“Talking to the principal and the teachers, they shared that Kazim is a very good child and that he dreams of becoming a police officer one day.”

Because Bulgaria can be extremely cold in winter and firewood is expensive, MWB increases its support to families during the cold season through a campaign called Operation Winter Rescue.

I’m no longer alone because I have you.


Spaska said, “When Operation Winter Rescue started this year, my first thought was of Nayle.  

“That same day, I learned that Kazim had been readmitted to hospital. I immediately contacted Nayle to find out how he was doing – and to reassure her with the news that we’d provide them with firewood this winter season. She immediately burst into tears on the phone.  

“The next day, I visited the family. I can’t put into words the peace and gratitude that radiated from Nayle’s face at the fact that the room was warm and her child was safe.” Nayle said, “I can say with confidence that I’m no longer alone because I have you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you to all the supporters whose help will keep my home warm this winter. Thank you, Lord, for helping me meet these dear people.”

With your support, we can help more families like Nayle’s stay warm and safe this winter. Help us bless and show God’s love to families living in desperate need.



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