Operation Winter Rescue

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Below-freezing Winters

Winter in Eastern Europe can be extremely challenging for people living in poverty. Dealing with harsh conditions, without warm clothing, firewood, or food, the freezing temperatures can make an already difficult life unbearable. Children often have to walk to school in the bitter cold without proper footwear. Icy winds can slash through broken windows, and without proper heating or firewood, homes become unsafe from the elements.

Your generosity can help us support people in poverty through the harsh, below-freezing winters by providing them with blankets, warm clothes, winter shoes, firewood, coal, and fuel. Many of these families cannot stay warm without your support.


Caring for the Vulnerable

Our Soup Kitchens provided over 80,000 meals last year, but more importantly, it became a refuge for those who walked through its doors. Many people, especially the elderly, who are supported through our Soup Kitchens feel the loneliness even more in those winter months. Your generosity gives them a meal each day and puts a community around them that is a beacon of hope.


On the Streets

The homeless are especially vulnerable in winter. Along with their harsh physical reality, there is often a sense of isolation and hopelessness among people who have lost everything. Support is needed more than ever during the winter months when temperatures can plummet to -20C (-4F), leaving the homeless extremely vulnerable to serious illness or death.
Through MWB’s Street Mercy program, we offer food and other support to those who are homeless. We provide hot meals and small bible studies and talks to those who participate. In the previous year, our staff and volunteers served a total of 36,485 meals to those in need through this initiative.
Our hope is to reach out with God’s love, not just with a hot meal, blankets, clothes, or shoes, but also with friendship, community, and the Gospel.

Your gift of R100 will cover the cost of meals for one homeless person for a month, and R170 the cost of a warm blanket, and R580 Firewood

Give hope and dignity

80 000

That’s how many meals were served at our Soup Kitchens last year. This year, with your help, we would like to serve more.



Give hope and dignity.