Operation Winter Rescue

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The Harshness of Winter

Winter in Eastern Europe is a tough time for people living in poverty. Already dealing with harsh conditions, without warm clothing, firewood, or food, the freezing temperatures make an already difficult life unbearable. Children walk to school in the bitter cold without proper footwear; icy winds slash through broken windows, and there is no central heating or firewood to make homes safe from the elements.

By supporting people in poverty through the winter, we endeavor to give life-saving assistance to families, children, and the elderly by supplying blankets, warm clothes, winter shoes, firewood, coal, and fuel - helping them not simply to survive but to thrive.

Winter in Ukraine

Ukrainians are struggling as critical civilian infrastructure continues to be targeted. Millions are without electricity and heat, living in homes damaged by missile and drone attacks as the bitter cold of winter continues.

Those who don't have the resources to leave the areas devastated by fighting are desperate for food, water, and other supplies. Most stores have either been destroyed or only feature empty shelves, and prices of any available supplies have skyrocketed out of reach for most.

But there is still hope, and Mission Without Borders is there to help those that have lost everything to the war.

Mission Without Borders has been working with and serving those in need across Ukraine for decades. We are committed to continue helping families and individuals rebuild their lives with a long-term, multi-phased emergency response strategy.

WITH YOUR GIFT, we will be able to provide heating supplies, warm clothing & footwear, bedding, and other necessities to help even more individuals & families stay warm this winter.


On the Streets

The homeless are especially vulnerable in winter. Along with their harsh physical reality, there is often a sense of isolation and hopelessness among people who have lost everything.

MWB’s Street Mercy programme in Bulgaria and Moldova provides people with the lifesaving essentials to survive life on the streets. Our support is needed more than ever during the winter months when temperatures can plummet to -20C (-4F), leaving the homeless extremely vulnerable to serious illness or death.

Our hope is to reach out with God’s love, not just with a hot meal, clothes or shoes, but also with friendship, community and the Gospel.

Your gift of R100 will cover the cost of meals for one homeless person for a month, and R170 the cost of a warm blanket, and R580 Firewood

Give hope and dignity

40 000

That’s how many meals were served to the homeless last year. This year, with your help, we would like to serve more.



Give hope and dignity.